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A father preys on his eight-year-old daughter. The following revelations are snippets of her bitter recollections of the first time, the many instances, and the looming, unavoidable karma moments. Read More
When the life of a little girl becomes accustomed to blinding darkness that drowns her from within and surrounds her like the fortified wall of Jericho. Can there be a miracle that will tear down the high walls of evil and darkness? Can her despair ever find any solace? Read More
An excerpt from my series My Life of Crime as a Shaolin Priest, Book 1 Read More

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In every crime, there is always a motive. John Doe is a fisherman whose Daughter Leila was raped by her employers son Robert. Robert made her pregnant and infected Leila with HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, because of depression, his daughter Leila committed suicide. Full of rage, John Doe choose rape and murder of… Read More

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March 06, 2022

This is a poem where Poet Moima wrote his feelings about rape.Indicating how it leaves him gaping. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

PLEASE leave me a message or a quickie. I want to know if people want to read what I'm writing. Read More
My sophomore year of high school, I dated a boy who did some pretty shitty things for six months. This is my story as a survivor and everything that came along with it. Read More
Teenager raped and attempted suicide Read More

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Every day I am inundated on my computer with the exultation of the evils that confront us day in and day out. The posts reflect an acceptance of wicked and atrocious acts and deeds committed by or toward ordinary men, women and children of all ages. Read More
Sandy is a young girl full of life, pious, living in a loving family. She dreams of marriage, of true happiness, while she is a teenager. This day of June 1976 will create a turning point in the life of the girl... Read More

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Actress Wendi Mclendon-covey is about to be kidnapped, held hostage, and raped by a rapist. Read More
How right turns wrong and wrong becomes right is how rape and child marriage intertwine due to law in 2021. Follow Amal to learn more. Read More
We as a black community have no problems addressing race. It is just other problems we seem to ignore. Read More

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Warning: Not for the timid! Not for persons under the age of 18! This is a work of Adult Humor which may offend some people. Read with an open mind and at your own risk! Beware!! Reading this may cause erotic dreams! Read More
I was sitting with my husband talking about the things that I have went through when I realized the extent of my situation. I realized I was damaged but it wasn’t my fault. I’ve always blamed myself and thought it was normal to go through the things I have went… Read More
looking for a story i read ages ago but i can’t remember the title or author. please help!! Read More
A man professing to be holy rapes a lesbian in God's name to cleanse the sin of homosexuality. At the police station she exposes him for deranged faker. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

the story of an unfortunate, misguided teenage girl, who suffers until she makes it through everything. People who dislike reading enjoy reading this story. Just give it a chance Read More
People in the office are making up all types of stories of her and the boss when really there are two sides to every story. Read More
Sexual violence is a major public health risk and takes many forms, with rape of women and girls quite common. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) sexual violence refers to “any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or acts to traffic, or… Read More
Adriel wakes up in an unfamiliar place with no memory of how he arrived. He soon finds out only a few humans seem to occupy this strange and unsettling place. This new world is full of mutants - both animals and humans alike - and the only option is survival. Read More
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