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The silence of the evening was broken when I heard my sister's shrill cry from her room. We all ran to her room and was at surprise about what took place that evening. It was 30th of December, 2016 when I was returning from my friend's place after having a… Read More

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Dedicated to all women who have to face this daily... Read More

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Girl got forced to have sex with some freaky guys by hitting her boy friend hard and thrown away. Read More

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a married wife and mother is abducted, held hostage, and raped by a registered sex offender. Read More

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October 27, 2015

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this is about my life Read More

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This is a poem that depicts emotional intensity. Read More
Written rather a long time ago now, when I was still at school. But what it says still stands true today. Read More

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October 27, 2011

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A druggy - it's not that hard to figure out Read More
Amelia was beautiful, she was one of the kindest people you would ever meet, her smile lit up the whole room and she had the purest heart anyone could ever have. So what ever happened to Amelia? Most people thought she was kidnapped and killed, some people thought she’d ran… Read More

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Dara has spent four and a half long years with Henry, who has abused and raped her for years. Dara has wanted to leave, but there was always a reason to stay. This time though, one reason to leave beats out any reason to stay; Dara has fallen pregnant. Days… Read More

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with all the things that happened to her in her life i was sure that i was the better choice. i'm still waiting. Read More
Aisyah is a young girl who have every right reason to break free from her life and starts anew in Seoul, Korea. At least, for the next 3 years. But her chance of meeting with a stranger in a strange encounter changed everything she was; forcing her to see things… Read More
this is a re publish of beauty isnt everything i just changed the name and updated it enjoy! Read More
Melaney Deck is a 13 year old who gets murdered and ressurected into a 17 year olds body.She will do anything to get her hands on her killer.Read threw the prolouge and find out what happens!!! Read More

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April 25, 2010

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Amber was supposed to get married to Jake but she refused, and told her parents that if she had to she will tell there secert of why there doing this. Ambers mom and dad go running to her sister who agrees. What will happen when Amber starts falling for Jake?… Read More
Kira is being raped and abused by her stepdad. her mom is a drunk who never pays attention to Kira. Even when Kira tells her mom about what is happening, she is called a liar and her mom tell her husband. Her friends are always there for her and they… Read More
This is my first book that I am currently working on. This is book one of a series. ENJOY ;) Read More

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January 22, 2007

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A dark poem of my angel's suffering Read More
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