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A modern retelling of the classic story, Rupunzel, but with a few 20th century twists! Read More
Reminiscent of Rapunzel, this story begins with a young girl locked away from the rest of the world. Unsurprisingly, she longs to be free and use the magic that rightfully belongs to her. However, she is soon swept up in a revolution where her magic skills are sought after… Read More
"Never love someone you just met." After Eugene and Rapunzel got married, they lived their lives happily but after that, a great war raged their kingdom and the horrifying disasters followed. Read More
This is were you can Dare or ask ether Camille(her), Kay(me), Rapunzel, Hiccup, Merida, or jack...OR you can dare all of us at the SAME TIME.....MY GLOB I'M BLOWING MY OWN MIND Read More
A short story of 9700 words. A retelling of the Rapunzel story. When a witch claims a couple's newborn daughter in exchange for the father's trespass and theft, she finally has the daughter she's always wanted. As Rapunzel grows and matures, however, the witch finds that even with all her… Read More

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Hi, my name is Jane Conner, and this is my dark fairytale competition for novel writers! If your interested in participating check out the information below, and I can't wait to see what you come up with Read More

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When you walk into a classroom to hand in your essay draft, the last thing you expect is several litres of pink paint squirted in your direction. Unfortunately, this was how Hiccup was greeted one day in third year. Read More

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This is the beginning of a story based of Rapunzel but set in a future Britain that has been destroyed in a war involving biological weapons. I don't really know whether or not to continue the story so there may or may not be a follow up. Read More

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Back in the day, when Professor Binns was alive and the wizards and witches had just gone into hiding, the largest threat to the magical community were themselves. Their fear created a monster, a creature who bathed in their fear, basked in their terror. Four children were born into that… Read More
What happens when you throw the Magical World of Disney together? Well, you get this shenanigan..... Read More

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August 26, 2013

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A modernized Rapunzel where the prince does not get to save the princess. Read More

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January 31, 2013

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Instead of Katniss, and Peeta and Gale and Prim, we have Kida, Milo, Naveen, and Rapunzel. In this Disney twist of Suzanne Collins' Hunger games, Kida must leard what she values most, her friendship with Naveen, or her brewing love for Milo as she faces trial after trial in the… Read More
Rapunzel with a dark twist. Rapunzel was a raised by a witch who so desperately wanted a child and must have grown up under the witch's adoration. How would she who grew up convinced of her own greatness react when told that she was a poor farmer's child, given up… Read More

Poem / Young Adult

April 01, 2012

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someone please set me free.... Read More
This is a retelling of the story of Rapunzel. The story starts with Dame Gothel, the enchantress who locks Rapunzel in the tower, as a child. It is essentially a story meant to show her as a "good" character. Read More
Written for Marriah Justine's Modern Day Disney Contest. A girl doesn't believe in love and happily ever afters, can one special boy change her mind? Rated PG for consumption of alcohol. Read More
This story is submitted for Jezemaya's Booksie Championship Round 1 Fairytales Option 3 =) This is a story that is a mash up of Rapunzel and Aladdin. So you will be finding elements from both but the storyline is quite different. Hope you like it =) An evil spirit who… Read More
What would you do if you were locked in condominium with no way to get out? What would you do if you never had an attempt to a healthy social life? What would you do if you were beautiful but there was noone there to aknowledge it? What would you… Read More
There has never been a better way of describing true love than through a fairytale. Let's just hope we all find our Prince Charmings one day. (Originally called The Fairytale but someone bagged that title before me so I've had to change it.) Read More

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This really short story is about this idea I had that all story characters are just sitting around, waiting for someone to read or tell their story so that they can start to live through the events in the person's mind. In this story, rapunzel waits around for someone to… Read More

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Rapunzel with a twist Read More
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