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This was pone of those moments where u tel self that I'm done with this relationship Read More
Alani Evans, Born and raised in a broken home in the center of Bronx New York. At a young age (6) Alani's Mother died in a car accident. Years after the accident Alani and her father move to Queens where Alani starts her new life. Thinking everything is okay and… Read More
sorry i didn't finish this book but i almost finished it on wattpad but imma finish it on here to Read More
is ray really gonna kick roc's ass for kissing his girlfriend well read the story and find out Read More
this is poem is about my friends mom..and how he died of cancer! :( Read More
will shali feel better soon will rayray quit worrying read and find out Read More
th next prodigy got there jacket and they are finally in the group Read More
will princeton get the girl of his dreams will alex say yes read the story and find out Read More
this story is about princeton doing his own life and having fun until he sees a beautiful girl name alex then he changes Read More
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