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America has a huge homeless epidemic. Mental illness and the lack of government assisted programs play a huge role in the homeless epidemic. Read More
The gang is trying to enjoy a simple meal at their favorite restaurant. but when one simple proposition throws the world into chaos, it is up to our heroes to defeat the enemys and save the day. Read More
There was a time when I worked up into feverish states worrying about the actions and methods of the American Christian Conservative. It seemed hypocritical to praise peace, liberty and freedom while oppressing the world and committing genocide. At some point a man taught me that the leaders of the… Read More

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People talk a great deal of wanting the USA to be where it was in the Reagan era, where there were homes,jobs,money, stability. People are to be blamed for the ills befalling this nation because they voted for men and women who are full of apathy to rule over them.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cory Field is known as "that girl who thinks she's smarter than everyone else just because she get straight A's," but she doesn't care. She may have no friends, but she's the top student in South Carolina, which pretty much gives her a free ride to her dream college, Columbia… Read More

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November 01, 2008

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Enjoy the poem? One of my best poem's, I think. Jimmy Carter? The facts in the poem are true. Sort of funny, too. Read More
This is a Verbatim Article on Supply Side Economics that everyone should read and enjoy. It will clear up a lot of things anyway. Read More
Basically about, The Ivy League University, that allowed, The Iranian President, Come for a visit. Read More

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This poem, is an exercise in rhyming, rhythm and cadence. Intended for all ages but, most especially, for children. On April 2, 2007, I became a grand-father for the 1st time. It occurred to me that, in the mind of my grand-child, I will always be a mystery and a… Read More
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