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" You took something that I can never get ruined me..." Sinner's Gateway, a name that sweeps the nation as the traveling band makes it's way through countries all around the world, performing and bringing new life to everyone who hears. The Gateway has been making music for years,… Read More
A romance between life and death or rather the messengers between both. Following the choices of Mako, a Mezzoreaper, in his journey to become an Archreaper and the consequences of refusing orders. A fatally wounded creature begs for help at his door and, rather than ending her life, he… Read More
Kronos and Iphigenia have just finished their last year at college, faced with an unsure future and a shady past, will they be able to overcome the challenges? Read More
I'm going to post my fan fiction rewrite of the third Mass Effect game. My wife and I were severely disappointed in how such a magnificent series ended. So I decided to write my own version of the third game for my wife for christmas. I thought it turned out… Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 09, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

One year. That’s how long it took to transform Lorelei Evans from ‘The Girl Who Got The Lead In The Musical’ to ‘The Girl Whose Mom Went Crazy’. Starting anew in Mississippi with her older sister, Lorelei is determined to keep her head down and not be ‘That Girl’ once… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Nina is on the struggle bus and it just broke down right in front of Grim. Nina suffers from flashes of terrifying memories--each one more real than the last, none of which she remembers experiencing--ever since she was a little girl and has always searched for an explanation for them.… Read More
Gienelle is just an average girl in high school hoping Alex will stop being such a playboy and see only her. After the 2nd quarter at Eden High School begins all these attractive guys begin transferring into our school. Something isn't right about these guys and her best friends are… Read More
When 16 year old Selina gets accepted into a school where she can meet people of her own kind, she finds out the school is hiding a dark secret. With the new friends she makes, will it be worth risking her's and her friend's lives to escape the hell hole… Read More
“you are all doomed your fates where sealed the moment you captured me and denied me a fair trial for your stupidity only one fate is fitting death” I say as my ropes fall to the ground even in my weekend state I was still far faster then mortal men. Read More
A young reaper meets an old friend and his woman in a mssion to stop jack the ripper. *sexual content* Read More
Your only job is to lead people to their death. When you look into their eyes you can see how they are supposed to die. But what if you see something else...what if you can see what her future would be like. But more importantly you see your future with… Read More

Book / Horror

December 01, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Just finished chapter 1, this might become a novella or a novellette. It is said that there is a thin line between heaven and hell known as earth. But, there is a gray area between these three sections, a place known as purge. From there we get the sinister creatures… Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 31, 2012

Reads: 520

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The Booksie Classic House

For each parallel universe there is a different set of rules. There is always something to help keep the balance. Reapers, such a horrid name for those that help the world, that keep it turning. But why were the gods of death the ones that were chosen? Read More
Joshua, Josh Priest is known to be openly gay in California. While on a school education trip up to the Golden Bridge, Josh had enough of the bulling and rejections so… Josh jumped but little did he know that even after death, he still lives on the horrible things that… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Kingdom of Rotandum has been anything but peaceful for the past years. Poverty and war had pillaged the metropolitan kingdom for years. Revolutionary gangs had sprung up in a struggle against the king's cold rule. Ichzimno Korpus, a member of one of these revolutionary gangs, is a hit… Read More
A small insight behind the Grim Reapers life. Read More
~ The fine line between what is life and what is death ~ Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 15, 2010

Reads: 389

Comments: 3

The Booksie Classic House

A man who reaps the souls of people after they die sees a vision of the woman he cares for dying. Can he save her life? Should he? Read More
The song i was given was It's the Fear by Within Temptation. In a world of Realms live the Death Reapers. These Reapers are the guardian's of souls. When a girl comes home from school to discover something new about herself she finds that what used to scare her no… Read More
Our heroine loses an eye in a tragic car-jacking. When she gets the cornea replaced, she sees more than just a normal world. Read More
Now Alex is a Grim Reaper, but he still isn't trusted by the Death Council. He has to be put through a dangerous test now, that could cost him his life if he fails. Read More

Book / Other

May 31, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Troubled by the trauma in her childhood, Angelite lived her life in the shadows, questioning where she truly belonged. All of that changed, when she met the mysterious transfer student, Pludo, who opened her eyes, revealing to her the paranormal hidden in this world. Haunted by her old life, Angelite… Read More
Amorelle's and Laila's challenge. I did mine on picture 1, and sentence 7. "When I looked in your liquid, diamond eyes, I knew I had finally met my dreams." Its the first challenge I've done, so sorry if it sucks. Read More
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