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Holly finally fought back. but after everything, she lost all. Read More
Story of a raging kid Read More
This was written in 1998 for a high school English class. About being a rebel and a pain of feeling like you don’t belong in this world! Read More
So I spent a couple of hours researching to compile this information, and I found the results very satisfying. Hope you enjoy my first psychological article, and let me know if you want more! My sources (cause I'm a big girl): Taylor and Francis Online: The bad boy archetype as… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"Does anybody tell you about how beautiful you are?" "You go telling that to every girl, don't even try." Being an outcast in your family isn't easy, espacially when your family doesn't accept you. Standing as an orphan in the esteemed Falcon family, she's beaten up and abused, until she… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I don't think the one angel can do it all on his own. My poem. Read More

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What if you are in the position to save an old friend by disobeying the state? Where do real loyalties lie and how far would you go? Read More

Poem / Humor

November 27, 2018

Tags: rebel, south, southern

A rebel is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader. It originates from a sentiment of indignation and disapproval of a situation and then manifests itself by the refusal to submit or to obey the authority responsible for this situation. Here,… Read More
In this short essay (in the form a note) A rebel in Brazil fights to free Brazil from a Tyrant. NOTE: People might find this essay disturbing in a way. Read More
Being a new mom, I have some ideas about mothers and their children to share in order to make parenting not that tough. Read More
rebel lovegood vampire king is an episodic story of the adventures of a vampire cyborg created in biblical times and his adventures and travels through history to the present Read More
It is about a rebellious dwarf who knows that the people are wrong and he disobeys traditions. He is struggling to tell everybody Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about freedom of existence and choice. Read More
It takes two to tango, it takes one to start a war. Read More
WWII has been won by Nazi Germany, Hitler leads the whole world now. Medical advances has taken flight along with personal security. But there is a rebellion, along with a little bit of zombies created from failed experiments. Read More
A nineteen year old crossbreed known as Nyx breaks out of her confined country with partner Syper. She realizes how trapped she was and moves forward with plans on changing the country she once knew. Read More

Tags: war, rebel, drama

High with weed. Read More

Tags: poem, rebel, me, carmen, indie

this will be my last poem -- i will be working on a piece for the future. enjoy the worn out poems that are on here, you may see better ones in time-- yourself. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's been about 800 years since a horrible plague swept over the world, killing millions and millions of people. Scientists quickly discovered it was hitting people with brown eyes the worst. A specific gene caused them to die within twenty-four hours. Others caught the sickness as well, but it could… Read More
Nothing is ever safe, not even happily ever afters. To those in the Delivery Corp., there are three rules:everything is private,fast,cheap. Quincy Darby takes these laws seriously. However, a package from a stranger that can change everything puts her in a battle between the job she holds dear and doing… Read More
This is a poem of nostalgia for good old days of high school antics and the changes that takes place over the years. Read More
This is a thing that I've sort of been writing for ages but also just wrote the other day. It was just an idea that I always had while listening to music, but I put it onto paper and made a thing for you guys to read. I'm not going… Read More
In a post apocalyptic world there are few survivors from the war between the Government and the people of the United States of America. But there are still different malitas and rebel forces. A girls has made it on her own for two years, but that is all about to… Read More
Have you ever wondered that what you're doing now as a job isn't the one you've always dreamed of? You took the offer just because of what people think what's best in general. Well, I think they're just General Idealistic People. Do you have something else in mind of what… Read More
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