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40 years after a 10 year war destroyed much of our world, the survivors have now settled on the last remaining land mass, and have founded the country of Aurum. The citizens of it’s capitol Citadel live off the labor of conscripts who are chosen out of the population of… Read More
Just one morning in the life of a freedom fighter. Read More

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September 24, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Quite tired of the 'rose-tinted' lies we're brainwashed into believing in school about the 'values' of our society, rather than waste the mental energy on trying to accept the flawed and deceptively dishonest state propaganda that would have us all believe our society is a perfect mix of democracy, individual… Read More
A story about a young man named Eric Trettin who gets wrapped up in a revolution in 2025 when the United States' newly elected president ushers in a new era of fear and hate. Read More
Embarking on a difficult mission, Oren tries desperately to retrieve the Crystal Water vial from his Evil King. He must save his daughter from the Black Witch in order to get the vial back. But there's a much bigger picture here than meets the eye, and when Oren realizes… Read More
A secret work devoid of presentation. A comfortable assurance of a new direction. Best to experience for oneself. The Other is the culmination of a long period of seclusion into the urban surroundings of Vasteras, Sweden. A long journey into different modes of thought presented by the… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Adam could not live within the constraints imposed upon him by his parents, so on his 18th birthday, walked out of the family home and into hell on earth. Read More
A lot of things, but drama wasn't one of the option's so i went with the second theme most prominent (romance). This story follows a kid named Josh Bell. An Asian- American closet gay kid living in middle of nowhere Michigan, A town called Northwater. After making a bunch… Read More

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January 25, 2018

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The Novelist Corner House

Blank slave 7344 or as she calls herself, Myia, has not the faintest idea of where--or who--she was before waking up to find herself being transported as a slave. Now a Blank (also known as a Blood-Bank) she finds herself as one of the selected few humans to cater… Read More
A high-ranking Militant fighting a civil war, Ruben finds himself injured and captured by the rebellion. Read More
15-Year-Old Jessica sneaks out of her bedroom at night to break away from her normal life and finally make it big as a singer. After all, Britney was her age when she became famous. But when she meets her best friend’s older brother in a bar to sing with… Read More

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October 02, 2017

First work on this sight, so let's see how this goes... Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick... It's the sound everyone is used to, it's the sound everyone hears. It's the year 4127 and everyone walks around with a timer attached to their wrist that counts down to… Read More
In this essay I analyze the intertextual realtionship between the TV anime series "Puella Magica Madoka Magi" and Goethe's "Faust", and try to demonstrate how this relationship is pivotal to the underlying structure of the TV series and how its sequel, "Rebellion" actually denies that structure and all the… Read More
Discovering a dark secret that never should have been uncovered, a loyal CliffClan warrior finds himself questioning everything he's ever known. His strength shall be questioned. His loyalties tested. Will he be brave enough to save the Clan or will he collapse under the burden he must carry? Read More
Rule of the ship: rebels do not exist.  After a rescue mission, however, the pilot finds them onboard--and a crewmember with a past thick enough for two. Read More
Meet Uura Takano a normal high school girl who just wanted a normal life. But when she finds out a boy in her class is missing. She goes on a hunt for his return. But when she talks to the class repesenitive she is a quincy! Just then a war… Read More
There was a loud bang. Everyone screamed. We all knew they had come for us. And they were coming fast. We had to move to a safer place. We had to get out of there. 'Everyone, run and hide!' The old woman at the front of the room yelled. Something… Read More
A two voice poem about a rebellion Read More
What do you do if your parents are snobs? Write a book about them, obviously. In fact, you write a book about everything they stand for (or think they stand for). Revenge is what you make it. This book is my revenge. My name is Almathea Frupp and this is… Read More
Smoke danced through the frigid air, shadows playing over the walls as if they were the guests of the run-down motel room. Back and forth they flitted across the walls, tainted with shades of carmine. Read More
Hey, It's me. Now I know this is all going to sound crazy but hear me out. 'Kay? This information that I've learned is for your ears and only your ears. For years this knowledge has been hidden from your eyes but the time to know the truth has come.… Read More

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November 30, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Everything is normal for 17 year old Diara, until a mysterious woman sneaks onto her property and starts asking weird questions. She begins meeting ghosts of her unlived past,and find herself at the centre of a secret revolution. How can she fix her life if she doesn't even know what… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's been about 800 years since a horrible plague swept over the world, killing millions and millions of people. Scientists quickly discovered it was hitting people with brown eyes the worst. A specific gene caused them to die within twenty-four hours. Others caught the sickness as well, but it could… Read More

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