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Wow... this turned out really emo. It wasn't going to be emo when I started. Hmm... Just random poems... all kinda sad, all from the heart. Sorry if they're terrible. Please comment, I like to know how I did Read More
The product of exhaustion and "serious" thought concerning the word endeavor. Meant to be cute and funny. All characters/events are a work of fiction and any resmeblance to real people/events are merely coincidental. Please review! But be kind! Read More
We are not always aware of the horrors that await us until we are come face to face with our demise. I don't want to tell you too much about what this book is, but basically the plot for the whole book is about several scientists and anthropologysts who have… Read More

Book / Horror

June 07, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

In the year 3050, the human race is struggling tho survive. Then a group of scientists came up with a way to preserve human life. But when a young girl and boy "open their eyes" to the dark flaw behind the plan, will they be able to stop the destruction… Read More
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