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A change is better than a rest. Read More
Society is built on people working, earning a living, providing for their families, but this society is not an equal one, there is competition for jobs - the work ethic is promoted. In order for the system to work, some must be rejected, some must be exploited, in fact, only… Read More
A 100 word story about a man adjusting to change in his life. Read More
It had been a shock when his boss had called him into the office and had given him the news of his early retirement, murmuring something about ‘restructuring’. Outwardly he had been calm and reasonable, refusing to betray the turbulent emotions that churned his guts. That night in the bar,… Read More
Forgotten Memories of Sulken Lies: The Judus' Betrayel Done with Sasha. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 19, 2008

a little piece about redundant ideas and remembered thoughts. Read More
I wrote this one to test out a few new styles, I really liked how it turned out. Ideacroty is a word I created the definition can be foun on one of my other poems, I dont remember which one. Please comment. Read More
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