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Today, at three in the morning, I had trouble falling asleep with just finishing a John Green novel and a huge storm multiplying in my vicinity. So, I started to ponder; and what I pondered, I wrote down. This isn't polished, much re-written, but due to a purpose. That being… Read More

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May 02, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

The story is about a frantic old man who has an absurd obession regarding his everyday medicines and a hatred towards any other being whether living or non-living. What happened that made him like this and what made him change his perceptions, is what gets unfolded in this heart-warming tale… Read More
Dedicated to all that feel that family is both highly important and something to be cherished quite close to the heart. Read More

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Darsius, a boy with strange roots and carrier of many legacies, was fated by his father's goat to live in the Land of Goats. An adventure following how Darius and his family's companion, Soaty, live out many adventures, far off in the Lost North. Live out the adventures of Darius… Read More
Love relations outside family are so often that in fact true faithfullness in couples is scarce. What to do if a new love grows in your life or that fo your partner? Read More
"Living Thoughts" by Anatoly Nekrasov, Preface Read More

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February 10, 2016

the story is written in a typical indian scenario. well, you may find it similar to the other indian stories or may not. it is a story about a young gir, rishika. yes shes our protaganist. there have been many ups and downs in her life. more of downs though.… Read More
The short story is all fiction but some of it is inspired by past memories. It is about a girl who is lost and and has no one to turn to, until she introduces herself to the internet and then makes a friend at school. After having so much fun… Read More
Sometimes we become rigid in our ways and we realize that the more important things in life have gone away. And sometimes its too late to get back the lost. The man in this short story has his own rigid ways and what is left to be seen is if… Read More
Sometimes in life, you come across some people with whom you feel a relation that does not need a name to specify and words to describe. Read More
Its all about what I expect to express in my song. Read More
...human relations, social intercourse, familial foundations have all been reduced to a few buttons on social media sites – ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘reply’, ‘smiley’, and so on. Even giving comments on posts has become so burdensome that people just press the like button and are done with it... Read More
Discussing the tendency toward entropy in relations, socially, politically and in the universe as a whole, and how to counter this tendency. Read More
A family moved to and old house that was build in the 1920-century. The brother and sister were always arguing. The two never liked their dad, because of his cooking. But when they moved to the new house things changed. The sister found a door to which lead to somewhere… Read More
General Laws and Interpretation-Sultanate of Oman-Part I Author :Henrietta Newton Martin (B.Com, LLB(Gold Medalist),LLM(Gold Medalist),MMS(HR) etc Over the years,the Sultanate of Oman has witnessed radical changes in its legal system through varied laws and the interpretation of the laws. With special emphasis on the Oman labor law, this book delves… Read More
You are a new junior in high school and everyone else has been picking on you. You have a best friend named Luke. He was the guy you met onthe first day and you guys were instantly bonded. He is a sweetheart that seems to wear his heart on his… Read More
This Hindi Short Story highlights relationship between husband and wife.they find one day in a week, Tuesday, for their relationship as husband doesn't drink that day Read More

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well .. its my first novel..i wanted to give a try. its about a medical student love story. A teenage girl,Riz crushes a boy who she meets in her own academy. she totally fall for him.. "So handsome....His hair covers those breath taking eyes…. His smoothly slanting nose…. His lips… Read More
A confession about family life and how easily it can be ruined.I rated it PG because I don't think kids would really want to read it... -.-'This isn't exactly an essay or much of a true confession, but there wasn't a choice for normal confessions... and that was the closest… Read More
today, turning to our friends in need, rushing to work, we overlook the strongest bonds in our lives, the people who care about us the most.what's needed is to realise their importance and give them everything that they deserve before its too late, and all you are left with is… Read More

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May 24, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

pondering social frailties Read More
The fourth installment of President Obama's secret diary and late night bull sessions with his porter in the Oval Office. (approx. 2800 words) Read More
Late at night on Friday the 13th, President Obama writes in his secret journal, and then joins his trusted Porter for cocktails and conversation, focusing on race relations in America. (approx. 3675 words) Read More
Excerpt from chapter discussing race issues in South Africa from my book "How Canada Could Rule the World" The whole chapter can be found at Read More
You are about to witness letters between lovers, Rex and Cam. Both suffering through a long distance relationship, read into their hardships and good times. Read More
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