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This is a promotional trailer for my forthcoming book - "Life Cycles - Relationships". Since Albert and Victoria are featured among many world-famous love stories, I have decided to add a fictional discussion between them as a way of letting readers know a little of what to expect. As… Read More

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This is a poem I wrote yesterday after hearing a common Spanish song from a popular Mexican singer. I must say beforehand that this is FICTION. Read More

Poem / Romance

September 07, 2017

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Is it possible to find love and what it's really like Read More
Take a holiday they said. Take a break with your crazy aunt. My family were probably glad to get rid of me for once. Possibly a mistake because let me tell you, I never thought I'd be in the position I'm in right now. Will there be big regrets? New… Read More
I recently read a book all about ambivalence in your relationship, and how to find clarity to make the call, fish or cut bait as they say. Read More
Real life versus fairytales Read More
Therapy session goes terribly wrong Read More
Amy lost her first love in a tragic accident one winter night. it was thought that Alex committed suicide by jumping from the cliff over the ocean in their quaint town. when his charming, older brother, Blake resurfaces in Amy's life, she is angry with him. But she also learns… Read More
Do you know what it feels like, to not be able to do something? To be physically unable to do something. Do you know what it feels like to be reluctant to do something? IS there a difference in those two things? Or is it all the same? Read More
A compilation of Flash Fiction stories about life, relationships, personalities, disappointments, achievements and situations. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 10, 2017

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Introduction Astrologer exits solar system with memoir Astrologer Nina Goshen who has been forecasting the futures of famous and non-famous people since the mid 60’s in San Francisco will retire early next year stating her time interpreting the stars has come full circle and has filled its purpose. In her… Read More
A woman escapes from a toxic relationship. Read More
A persons escape from a wrong relationship. Read More
A story of the everyday struggle between a group of workers and their managers. Read More
INTRO: All About Jazz tends to be quiet in the afternoon. After the lunchtime rush, things do not pick up again until the evening. We are a small establishment down a side street on the edge of town. If you were driving along the main road out of town, you… Read More

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Read for yourself... Read More

Article / Romance

June 05, 2017

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This about what goes around comes around. Read More
A poem about a vivid memory the poet once had , and he is describing it to the reader Read More
Whenever Chase tries to spend time with her best friend outside of school, Misty always has an excuse. Chase senses that something is wrong, but cannot put her finger on it. When an office aide summons her to the principal's office early one morning, Chase discovers that Misty has been… Read More
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