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Searching for happiness and bliss can be hit or miss. Read More
An article about lying in our modern society and how we have become dependant on the ability to tell a fib. Read More
A short poem about knowing someone isn't 'in' the relationship with you. Read More
When Professor Charlotte Wilkliff receives a phone call from her estranged alcoholic father, Stewart, only her experience as a psychologist prevents her from believing that he's making a mockery of her, again. He'd promised her a fortune, long ago, when he'd failed to be the father that he should have.… Read More
Hey! Remember the school library? Remember the librarian? Well after reading this poem you might be glad you don't remember! Read More
Ragini and Sweta work in the same MNC. They have a lesbian relationship that they don't want to give up at any cost. Suddenly, Sachin appears in the life of Ragini. They both develop a special relationship, sharing a bed as often as they can. Sweta doesn't have an objection… Read More
To be in a relationship, at least a genuine one, implies allowing one’s vulnerabilities to be exposed. Read More
A poem about the mythology of early relationships. Read More
What I’ve learned about love living 3000 miles away from my partner Read More
Shi Sion is a tea shop owner, and she has two admirers. One admirer truly loves her, and the other wants her acceptance and love. Who will she choose admirer H or mystery admirer? I wrote this book on another website. Read More
It is a universal stereotype that older men date younger women to make them feel young again. Does this stem from the assumption that older men actually feel insecure about getting old? I think they might just... Read More
Why is it that women fear their bodies, whereas men embrace the freedom it brings? Here's a chat I had with my niece about women masturbation. Her view will shock you! Read More
As a young teenager, not having experienced a friend's death, but imagining one had occurred. Read More
Ragini, the only child of her parents, has been working in a Multinational Company. After some years, Sweta also joins the same MNC. At their first meeting, they like each other and soon become very good friends. Over time, their friendship takes up an emotional tenor and they develop sexual… Read More
Hey! Remember those boring moments in History class while attending high school? Who were you "checking out"? What would we do without our daydreaming? Read More
#3 in my "My Dear Series" Read More
#2 in my "My Dear Series..." Read More
Love, at first sight, is a very romantic notion. Your eyes meet and that's it, you fall head over heels and spend the rest of your lives together. Not! The reality is that love at first sight requires more work than, well, ordinary love that grows gradually over time. How… Read More

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April 05, 2020

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It's amazing what you can find when you look through your old writings... Read More
There was a young man, who was eagerly looking for a true love. But he didn't get it for a long time. Actually, what he was looking for was already there all along, whom he couldn't recognize. When he recognized her, she left for heavenly abode just before they could… Read More
Dev and Sarita have been married happily for 8 years but, unfortunately, they didn't have a child. They were under persuasion from their relatives and friends to get a divorce, which they didn't want as they loved each other very much. After some months, Sarita conceives and is pregnant with… Read More
When separated by the miles I dwell upon your smile. Read More
fighting for a broken relationship. learning to move on. submitting yourself to old memories. Read More
What does love mean to us? What does love mean to us? Is it for pleasure? Is it for the fortune? Is Love just a word or a feeling? Love means more than just words or feeling. I experienced love in a different powerful way. Finding your actual true love… Read More
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