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On the nature and structure of time. Read More

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August 05, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

One of my life goals, is to find the general, absolute truth. I believe the absolute must be found within the relative, and the relative must be found within the absolute. One day I came up with a plausible answer. Just keep in mind this is purely philosophical, the way… Read More
A college sociology instructor once challenged me with this question: Is it possible for us to be completely culturally relativistic? Should we even try to be? Read More
Paper Abstract Einstein's seminal 1906 paper lead to the classic Twin's Paradox. This postulates that if a twin leaves the earth in a spacecraft near the speed of light, upon returning to earth, the twin which stayed on the planet will be much older than the twin which left. Standing… Read More
Life is lived in terms of a series of events: appointments, muscle aches, down time, paychecks, road trips, shopping, phone calls, work, work, etc., etc. My TOE (theory of everything), however, is suggesting a more meaningful universe. Read More
Relativity of time and essence Read More
My conversation with the Devil continues to cite the connectivity problems that arise in the micro universe and then draws upon Relativity theory for confirmation of the necessary opposites that shape God’s footprint. In the discussion of temporality that follows—given the theory of God’s footprint—the message is that because unidirectional… Read More
The back and forth banter between the devil and I continues as our conversation moves into, via examples of aesthetic religious traditions, a discussion of the universe and the necessary opposites that frame the universe. Without these opposites there would be no bumble bees, frogs, whales, polar bears…; no music,… Read More

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December 16, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Sometimes we need to look at our priorities in a different light. Read More
God’s footprint, grounded as it is in the Logos of Existence, is shaped like a piece of pie, the edges of which meet where the observer’s edge of the pie and the opposite edge of the pie (the physical event edge) come together. The pie crust separates the observer from… Read More
Yes, God has a physical footprint and it’s grounded in the Logos of existence as it is described in the “the new model of the observer/observed relationship.” Accordingly, we live in a universe that, on one level, is deterministic, while, on another level, is less deterministic. However, the entire universe… Read More
An idea for a solution to the problem of quantum gravity. Read More
The Flow is Speaking. The only true relationship, the only completely real pure relationship is not the same thing as what we mistakenly call "relationships" here on earth that we have with other people. They are tainted by existence which exists in its nature in limited form (we have limitations).… Read More
Arthur Moriarty is an Earthling and abstract artist that gets swept up into an intergalactic space opera played out across the universe and beyond. Read More
A man escapes his assured death, and struggles over his motivations why. Read More
(Finished!!!) Whenever we talk about science, we always hear the name Einstein. Any idea how he is in private? This is the very first science fictional story i wrote with my boyfriend and a close friend. It was actually submitted as a project for one of our modules. I post… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A thought I had about the so called universe we live in. I tried to include all the present known theories of physics into one that explains the universe a little more. Read More
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