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This here is a relatively short tale of a character in one of my many dreams. Unlike the others, I remembered this one after waking up, and decided to do a short stuff on it. A confused man, haunted by something even I cannot fathom. Read More
The next collection of stories taking place in Everdream. More dragons, more demigods, more heroes and epic space battles. Stories here will be available to read forever for free, but some stories won't appear here and will only be available to patrons on or in the finished book, which… Read More
PG, for short references to gore, particularly in first section The Architect. I will try to keep it pleasant, I want to be comfortable reading it. If you disagree, let me know and I can adjust the rating. This is a short story collection from the Dragovant Relics universe. Dragons… Read More

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October 14, 2012

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The relics of wartorn peace! Read More
After the Roman Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity, he and his mother “Helena” began to oversee the recovery of several important Christian sites; which included the newly discovered tomb of Christ. These discoveries led to a creation of a “Holy land”, within the city of Jerusalem, which add a new… Read More
Relics is a short story that gives you a look at a world where everything that we invest our emotions into soaks up those emotions and may start emitting those same emotions down the line. Read More
Lani struggles with the rest of the Mejihk tribe to survive during the apocalypse. Food and water is difficult to find, especially with an over-powering opposing tribe called the Balitess always getting in their way. But then Lani begins dreaming of a man named Rufus, who shows her that paradise… Read More
We are endowed by nature and grace with extra ordinary activity; our corporal and spiritual passions are constantly excited. Our body must be supported by food and sleep, and if it is indulged, it desires to be cherished, it requires enjoyments and comforts, and the more its desires are satisfied… Read More
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