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Hurt by Christianity again... Read More
Heaven or higher self trying to resolve the dilemna of karma , or the root cause of humanity repeative suffering. So they exam one case, a case of love; and to evolve it into 21st century cosmic politics. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The truth found at the heart of Christian religion. Read More
Tells the story of a (fictional) angel who is a half breed between Lucifer (The Fallen Angel) and a normal angel. We follow as Manius is torn inbetween two worlds. If you like this leave me feedback and I will write more. Read More

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Judas cannot bear the weight of his deed, before he takes his own life, he laments to his God over his predicament. Read More

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"Even though Judas had to cary out his denial, it must have been the worst thing he had ever done. How could one live with them self after betray..." Read More

Jesus, about to die soon, takes time to comfort and further instruct Judas one last time. Read More
Even know his fate, Jesus takes time to help his beloved Mary and comfort her. Read More
Mary reflects on what she was told, and reconciles her role in the coming months. Read More
Until now, Judas was able to deny what intuition has been telling him. However, the time is growing short, and Judas' destiny is revealed to him. Read More
Jesus departs from everyone to spend time in prayer. Read More
The day after the loaves brings new ideas, teachings, and friendships deepen. Read More
Jesus and Judas converse over the teachings and Judas, trying to understand, engages Jesus in the hope of becoming as Jesus. Read More
Having established their relationship, Jesus begins to teach Judas in earnest. Read More
As Mary and Jesus continue to speak to each other, Jesus starts to teach Mary of the way of things. Read More
Jesus begins to share the secrets (which are hidden in plain for us all) with Judas. Read More
Mary and Jesus begin their friendship as they become acquainted with one another. Read More
Jesus, having noticed Judas' resolve and determination decides to take Judas under his wing in this chapter. Read More
Now it is time for Jesus and Mary to begin their journey. Don't worry, they don't get married or anything like that. Read More
How did the first meeting between Jesus and Mary play out? Read More
Some Catholics say Mary, the mother of Jesus has appeared to many Catholics across the world in the last few centuries. Would she appear to an 11-year-old protestant? Read More
Mary and Jesus meet. Mary is intrigued and cautious about Jesus because she had burned by 'holy' men before. Read More
We take our first look at the man many believe was born of God and was Gods' only son. Read More
We take a look at Mary, her dreams, and her plights of being a woman in a patriarchal society. Read More
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