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An (very) old English Assignment- which I've added to ever so slightly. Young Girl wakes up on moving day- possibly described as 'aloof and ditzy', and assess her relationship with her house- after being perturbed by 'Gray' one of the removal men............... definitely a 'tart with a heart'. Read More
This story centers around Kai and Edar's pack, and what happens when a Leader becomes bad. Taki is (c) Ultramatt at Everyone else and the Lupa stuff is (c) me. It's listed as fanfic because it takes place in the SubSen universe. This takes place during the babysitting chapters… Read More
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A bunion is simply an outgrowth of bone on the side of your foot next to your big toe, while a tailor’s bunion is an outgrowth of bone on the side of your foot next to your baby toe.People are not born with bunions, however they can inherit a particular… Read More
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