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These are my critical thoughts and opinions on the "Twilight" saga. Enjoy. Read More
twilight writing challenge: write about any of the following couples! Read More
Stephenie is the sister of Quil and she falls in love with a vampire. She had been seeing him for a few years and Quil doesnt know it until he follows her one day? What will happen when Quil finds out? What will happen to the guy she loves? What… Read More
(Please read part one first) Max finds herself thinking constantly of the boy she had met eyes with in choir. As she walks along the beach, she meets him, and is invited to a meeting/party/bonfire. Then, questions arise, and she learns of both devistating and wonderful truthes. Read More
Max Moves to La Push when she goes to live with her uncle after her parent's disappearance in New Jersy. When she starts going to school, she meets a Young man known as Keith. He is Muscular, tall, brown with tan, and to Max, down right sexy, but all of… Read More
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