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September 03, 2013

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A re-re-re written copy of this story. The image was created by a friend who sadly passed away. Read More
Being chosen for war at birth is a hard thing to face, unless you are the one facing it. Not knowing anything else of life, Aleya Garofalo and the rest of Unit 24-5-3014 are forced into this strange way of life. With the Earth in ruins and the human race… Read More
A tale of American youth trampled by heavy sedated marketers cloaked in sable with out a care to the inevidabilty of death nor existence. A journey through adolecents and what it is to be a young, bumming boozehound with a place to lay your head. A glimpse into my third… Read More
The story of a renegade time lord (not the Doctor) that has escaped from his homeworld after a coup attempt was made against the ruling government. The adventures of Ascalon through time and space in the universe of Doctor Who. Read More

Tags: space, lord, renegade

I am alone in a crowd of millions, and I seek to purify. Read More
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