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Renesmee is full grown, nine years after her birth. She is young and beautiful and just starting a new life with her parents but a new life means new problems. New life, new problems, new enemies. Renesmee Cullen young beautiful and in danger. Read More
Renesmee Cullen is in a terrible car crash that leaves her deep in a coma. The chances of Renesmee waking up are very little. Jacob waits by her side, expecting the worst, hoping for the best. He hopes for his true other half to live. Read More
Haven't you ever wanted to see Renesmee's point of view? How she sees Jacob and her family, and her life! Do you want to know if she is more Bella, or Edward? What about Jacob, everyone probably wants him to have a happy ending right? Maybe he will, maybe he… Read More
Renesmee Carlie Cullen has just turned fifteen, now frozen in time as a full immortal. She recently discovered her best friend Jacob Black has previously imprinted on her, and their romantic relationship starts to bloom. But when Renesmee her and the new guy at school, Dominic, form a strong bond,… Read More
Nessie becomes a full vampire and emmett's body reacts strangley to another vampires power turning emmett human again will he be human forever or is there still hope? Read More
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