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The Wizard Lady, whose name is Gravel--the redoubtable witch who could do anything with a wave of her Sceptre-- accepts a visit from a man of God--a born-again Christian, bold in the Lord. This man has a crush on her, and he has a burden for her lost soul. She,… Read More
So often have I let others down. For those times in the past, and for the ones hat will come again in the future, here are my words Read More
Just a poem about a lost enlighten Soul finding his way back home.. Read More
A young Vedanta with an undergraduate degree in hand stands at the crossroad of his life from where he doesn’t know which path to take. Like so many of his generation, he is confused and unable to take a clear cut decision. One day while shuffling through the vacation brochures… Read More
Parrot under the Pine Tree is the powerful expression of love. In the girl’s heart; it’s subtle, sublime and eternal. But in the boy’s heart; it’s earthy, insecure and restless. The anxiety brings the two young hearts close. In the clean and tranquil environs of Kausani, Vedanta inadvertently meets Saranga… Read More
A poem about struggling to find your way in an unclear path. You keep trying, and keep failing, but you never give up. You either accept your fate, or you create your own destiny. Let all of your regrets and mistakes go, and move forward with your life ! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A prayer/poem for people that live there life not believing or turning their back on God to see with spiritual eyes. Read More

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Predestination or free will? Fore-ordained or free will? What exactly is free will? Read More
The first of a series titled "Not Your Grandma's Bible Stories." They attempt to put modern clothing on vivid Bible stories. Here Damas is likened to many young men of today who only come to the truth when it is too late. Read More
One evening, Frederick Ellis returns home to find two men who confess to the murderer of Ellis's lover. Ellis insists the only way they could truly show repentance is if they join him in a toast to Marie, a toast spiked with poison. Read More
You see them everyday. They are everywhere. Are you quick to judge before taking into consideration what they might be going through?? We can't help ourselves, we were born into a world that can be cold at times... But who then gives us the right to make it even colder… Read More

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October 12, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem I've written for the Fall season and of course my poetic influences for this poem: SH2 - A Letter from SH. The original version of the poem was suppose to be about a killer giving into repentance accepting his fate. Read More
One of the hardest yet. There are no "do overs". Make it count. Read More
A letter to the America I once knew, which has changed so much. Read More
One of my characters in my head I feel I have become a part of. She is always in my head, and I feel people will gain experience from her. Read More
Seeking forgiveness from Allah sunbhana wa ta'ala is extremely important, and every Muslim should take time out of his/her day to reflect upon the his/her sins and ask for forgiveness. Read More

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August 07, 2010

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its poem written by a person in too much of pain..u need to read the poem to find out more Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Through a series of unfortunate events Wilco is left with a choice whether or not to carry out another crime or to spend his life in jail. Read More

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February 04, 2010

A companion to the other Vignette. Read More

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November 24, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

400 years have come and gone since Balthasar Ross was beheaded. Who would have thought the Princes of the Church, who once commissioned him to be their Malefiz Maestro, or Master Witch Hunter, would suddenly turn on him and condemn him for brutally slaying 300 witches and confiscating their property?… Read More
The repentance of a warrior over the bodies of those she has killed. Read More
As Rhonda struggles to forgive her ex-boyfriend over his abandonment, he must come to terms with his own newly discovered loss. Read More

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