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Zak Vancura, local editor and ace reporter investigates an macabre murder spree in his hometown. Read More
A newspaper reporter receives a special Valentine's Day gift. Read More
The only pastor in a small town is interviewed by a newspaper reporter. Read More
A Christian couple helps a TV reporter re-discover his misplaced faith. Read More
It is about the story the prosocial man Read More
6 souls is a social awakening play to explain the different type of people living at various level of society. It makes realization about each one contribution for welfare and unity of society. Characters : A Narrator of play Raj - a guide. Jwalaprasad - a wealthy man. Mahesh -the… Read More
If you want to know the truth, all the truth about what’s happening all over the planet, don’t go to the mass media. Maybe, there was a time, when they told the truth, but time have changed. Nowadays “big money” bought the truth, and the official medias are no longer… Read More

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Dust and Blood follows the lives of those trying to survive the Syrian conflict in 2012. [This is not a war story] The novel follows different people as they battle to survive in Syria. My intention with the piece is not only to portray the severity of the Syrian conflict… Read More

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Is time travel possible I think yes and they are sending messages back as we speak. Beyond 2000 a TV show in 1999 with Gillian Anderson, In the program she said they are already doing it sending messages and film footage back in time. They send a beam into space… Read More
Miss Dinah Dinosour has been in Georgia and now she is getting anxious to travel again. She has been staying in the Okeffenokee Swamp and is restless. She walks back up to Fargo Georgia and catches the train. It is going to Alabama. What will she learn about Alabama? Read More

Book / Young Adult

July 25, 2014

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Sam is a girl who wants to be the reporter who discovers aliens. She will do anything to keep her Newspaper Club even if it means conversing with a ghost. Wait, what? Yeah, Sam has to find the biggest scoop in the most boring town and she has the help… Read More
Desperate to keep her job, feisty reporter Jenny Briggs goes on an under cover assignment, to get the inside scoop on the media shy and extremely private St Claire Clan. And this could be the story of the year....thats if her scheming co-workers dont beat her to the punch first.… Read More
A warning goes out for residents of three counties to avoid coming in contact with the water in their town which can lead to drastic results if they do. Read More
Sam Hanson, a logical man, is a private detective who is investigating the disappearance of James Darrel, the stable boy. When he arrives at Harrington Manor, what awaits him is not what he expects. Read More
The whole poem's a farce that rhymes Read More
The news paper handles the announcement of President Roosevelt's death. Read More
Getting kidnapped on her way to buy ice cream was the least of Avangeline Lewis’s problems. I mean, she’s got her hands full trying to cope with a deranged freak whose main aim in life is kidnapping young girls and slicing them up. With the Frost up and about, no… Read More
I was inspired by the movie "Insideous". In one scene, the father has crossed over to the other world filled with demons. Before reaching his son, he comes across scary ghosts that were tortured and stuck in this world. There is a certain family that is shown in one of… Read More
Filling in for a sick colleague, Giovanni Bellini interviews Monsignor Rinaldi, a high Vatican official. Though agnostic, Giovanni starts to change his opinion of the church and religion in expected ways after the interview. Read More
Terry Cobb is a student after a story, the kind of story that could make his career as a reporter. He follows his nose, and at any cost finds a story that could be his last. Read More

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A girl finds her town now has zombies Read More
This is a play that I wrote for my friends and I to perform. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong! XD Please like and comment. Read More
Kathidy Icy-youmenns is 14 and her mom just died. Her Grandma, Jay, has Alzheimer. Nevertheless, she loves her cool father, Leonardo. However, Leonardos' mood changes as he is asked by his not-so friendly boss to go to Antarctica and do a report on Global Warming. 'Remember make it good, it's… Read More

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Here's a little something something about insanity. Sorry if it confuses you. Read More
A reporter finds herself in the middle of a quest. Read More

Book / War and Military

January 02, 2008

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When an elite team of United States Marines are sent to investigate a research facility in Qatar, all contact is lost. A second team must be sent to find the first, and that team enters hell itself in the Desert. Read More
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