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The The Imaginarium House

It was unlike Eve to go out on a Friday night. Normally she was lost in a good book or writing one of her own. Although there was something different about tonight. She put on a pair of black tights and a dark blue dress that complimented her eyes.… Read More

Featured Review by Bruvton

"I love how the mood progresses from "this is nice" to "oh no, I hope they're safe" to "welp, that just happened" in such a short amount of time...." Read More

In a mountainous village a child must visit his sick friend, but to do so he must travel across a jungle where people say a giant monster lurks within the shadows of the trees. Read More

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February 16, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Short and straight to the point. Read More
Dave Walts is his name and he is the Captain of 'The Immortal' an Earth Frigate ship dedicated to forming alien alliances and saving planets! This is the first chapter of the book! It's kind of a short story about how Dave saved Theadrix from being destroyed against the Ragnors!… Read More
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