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Personal attack Read More

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With Hullabaloo22 Read More

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4 easy steps as recommended by media,science and govt. Read More

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Oh, shit! Read More

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Written in response to Read More

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Yes, the 'cadence' is off, but it says what I want it to say. Read More

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Cover picture sourced from Pixabay. CCO and free for anyone to use, from the portfolio of Werner22brigitte. Read More

Essay / Other

April 22, 2018

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Lucky me! You think? Read More

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Poem / Poetry

February 06, 2018

This is a poem that I wrote for a Collage Literature class. It is a response to George Saunders's Fox 8, if you haven't read Fox 8 I highly recommend it. You can find Fox 8 online in multiple places just google it. Read More

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Poem / Romance

December 29, 2017

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in the mirror i see nothing Read More

Short Story / Other

October 01, 2015

You are in a dark decrepit building, dark, dusty, long been vacated and damned. Someone is screaming. Its either extreme pain or it is fear. You have the ability, knowledge and equipment to help in one context, but not the other. What would you do? Read More
A short response from my Film literature class on the Spike Jonze directed 'Adaption'. It should be noted that our semester had an ongoing theme of 'the self' and our specific understanding of that theme within the chosen films Read More

Poem / Humor

October 08, 2013

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Dewey learns a costly lesson Read More
Dumbass atheist returns due to a certain development on Booksie... Read More
Sunshine beaming in from a window Proud Lion Like shine Matrimonial Instinct blends my thinking with the wine Im drinking from none other than a Vine one Paw deep in the Terra soil moister than most fertile crescent valley alley of perception for the prowl. Lunatic Hour approaches noisily boisterous… Read More
This is the product of an exercise my Creative Writing teacher made us do. We read "The Listeners" by Walter De La Mare and my teacher told us to "explain the unanswered question." What was the Traveler doing there? Who were the "phantom listeners"? So, this is what I came… Read More
One day, circa winter 2000, I got really tired of people saying that they felt sorry for me. So I sat down and wrote this. There is another one called Anger Dance that is the more "adult only" response, but this one everyone can read. Also, please note that the… Read More
A poem written as a response to Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" written in the same form. Read More
This is probably an originial idea, but this like a chance to go beyond the poems and take time to get to know who SGB is... Read More
In the future, the govt doesn't have enough soldiers for the army so they conduct an experiment using kids as soldiers. The experiment worked. Kat's dad was part of the experiment and her bigger brother joins the army as well. So when her brother dies in war, she gets drafted… Read More

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The only site with zero score, Though many poems I store, When great leaders respond, Why all readers abscond? I will be optimistic, And try to be ever poetic. Read More
Silence is the night until the day is forlorn. Read More

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A last-minute entry in Zadudet1's contest about creating a non-heaven or hell Otherworld. Okay, so this doesn't fit the requirements, but it was worth a shot anyway....Enjoy! Read More
I will be talking about two simple ideas that can be used in the tutoring sessions to help both the tutor and the student/s. First, is to set side-by-side with the student, second is to leave the student under control of their own writing. Read More

Book / Romance

August 16, 2010

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Eleanor Holstarlor is an opera singer/primary school teacher recently out of college. Her life is fairly normal; chatty friends, loving boyfriendand the typically annoying family. The only glitch being her boyfriend, Terry, is a member of one of the most notorious criminal gangs in the world. The Jokers, a gang… Read More
Set in a post apocalyptic world, where the remaining survivors have rebuilt their cities. These rebuilt cities are called "Saints." However there is nothing holy about these places. They are few and far between, and are ravished by war, poverty, and crime. There is no government, no law, no order.… Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 06, 2010

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Katie just Wants To Be That Average Girl That Gets The Good grades And Has Some very Close Friends, But Of Course With Her Constantly Moving It's Very had For Her To Be This. And It's About To get A Hell Lot Harder. Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 24, 2010

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SEQUEL TO AMBER WOLF Jake Is Just Like Any Other Teenage Boy, Just With A Few Problems… Did I Mention They Were BIG PROBLEMS? His Father Just Died, His Mother Is Already Moving On And He Has Struck Up A Friendship With One Of THE Most Popular Girls In The… Read More
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