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Foxie Golde is a female police officer during the 1970's, she uncovers a world of conspiracy, lies and drug dealers. A homage to the "blaxploitation" films of the '70s. Read More

Tags: mystery, crime, retro

Four months into a zombie outbreak a small community is shut up in a school. The dead are approaching. How do they survive? Don't miss this thrilling twist on a story we all know. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A homage to the great 80's action movies. On Mars, where two political juggernauts rule their domes with poisoned air, Donnie and Adrianna are on a mission to release oxygen which could heal or destroy the world as they know it. Read More
The year is 1989 and recent reports of man wearing a wolf mask has been going around and killing the powerful Chinese Mafia. Night Rock Sting is now a name well known in the community's of San Francisco. The only advice he is given is the location of the Chinese… Read More

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The CLOG House

'teatime tales', from which this story comes, is a collection of short stories based on the characters from the Peckham Novels, which are available on Amazon. 'A Squeak in the Dark' features characters from the third book in the series, 'Paint the Town Red'. Read More

Tags: humour, fiction, retro

A husband rapes his young neighbor and carries on a three year affair with her. Read More
A traditional British detective story turns out to be something entirely different. Sequel to STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and THE FORCE. Continues in THE LAST OF THE NSHEOS. Read More
The story of my childhood road trips with my sistersand mother through the rural southern states. Read More
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