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Another of my mysterious adventures into the depths of self. Will you join me? Read More
All has been well in Salem, Massachusetts, there was no longer a threat of evil witches or cursed amulets. Callum Gravedon and Adeline FitzPatrick were going to have a normal school year, or so they thought. There's a new witch in town and he's just a sixteen-year-old who wishes… Read More

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The third special episode follows on from where series 3 left off. Lily Kettle has recently asked her boyfriend Razz Kevins to marry her. Her engagement happened in a different way to how any other engagement takes place with she herself asking her boyfriend to marry her and not him… Read More
Final episode of the third series brings together everything that has happened over the course of this series. The story of both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson comes to an end and Lily Kettle is reunited with someone who she cares about in the whole wide world, more then anyone… Read More
Journey under the sea in this fantastic episode with both father and son (Kyle and Razz Kevins). Explore an enchanted world hidden deep below the sea with them. Elsewhere continue to explore an enchanted world with both Tracy Beaker and Lily Kettle. Read More
Lily Kettle continues her fight against her new enemy Ryan Robertson in the grounds of Hogwarts castle. Will Lily come to learn like we ourselves learned in episode 1 of this series just what his intentions are with her? Read on to find out! Read More
THE WORLD OF PERCY JACKSON COMES TO LIFE IN THIS FANTASTIC EPISODE! Tracy Beaker makes her way into the mysterious camp half blood. What will she find in this mysterious camp? Read on to find out! Read More
Lily Kettle discovers much to her horror that she's just been kidnapped. Oh I really do hate it when that happens! She now finds herself a prisoner aboard a magical express train to a mad man. What will happen to her now? Read on to find out! Read More
leading up to the events where Lily went to meet up with Ryan at Kings Cross train station in London, she's rather worried about going to meet with him, and receives out to her boyfriend Razz on this matter, who tells her very firmly not to go and meet with… Read More
Continuing on with the many adventures that are now going on in the never ending maze of Mzzuan. There's a monstrous desert in Mzzuan. Three new people now take to arriving in it and they are both Tom Clarkson and his family. What will their adventures in Mzzuan hold for… Read More
Lily Kettle is now back to being inside her own body and Hook's back to being inside his. Lily's been reunited with her friends and now she tries to find a way out of the never ending maze that she's currently trapped in with them. May contain some swear words… Read More
Doctor who character Rose Tyler makes her way into our stories in this part of the adventure. A wicked witch kidnaps her from her home garden and takes her away as her prisoner. Will Rose be rescued from the witch? Read on to find out! Read More
Tracy Beaker continues to search for her friend Lily Kettle along with her two new friends Tom Clarkson and Kyle Kevins. She journeys down to the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England with them both. Meanwhile Shannay continues to cause a great deal of trouble in Living village. Tracy… Read More
Lily Kettle continues to grieve over the death of her dear lover Razz Kevins. Razz's funeral takes place in this part of the adventure and Lily says some words to pay tribute to her fallen hero, but however not everyone at the funeral ceremony will approve of the words of… Read More
Dreams! That's the key word in this part of the adventure as people continue to enter their way into other people's dreams. Both Tracy and Razz continue their search for their missing friend Lily together. Will they ever find her or will they lose themselves along the way? Read More
A magical waterfall brings a young lad back to life from the dead when this part of the adventure begins, who is this young man though, well I suggest that you read on to find out just who on earth he is. Read More
When this part of the adventure begins we learn just how Cora was able to return from the dead, because she isn't really supposed to be alive right now. Tracy Beaker continues her travels round Liverpool city along with both Razz and his sister Hannah Kevins. They continue their search… Read More
Tracy Beaker sets out determined to track down her dear friend Lily Kettle just wherever she may be. It would seem that Tracy's able to both enter into and to explore other people's dreams. Cora seems to have been kidnapped by someone who's unlucky enough to be in grave danger… Read More
Joker has returned and has brought the return of Arkham City. I Catwoman plan to find out and stop Joker before it is too late and make Gotham City the way it was before. Read More

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Alice returns to wonderland 3 years after saving the land from the Red Queen. Read More

Poem / Humor

August 03, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Just a short bit of poetry to express my feelings of going back to school. Read More
I wish for people to read the book first... see it's better than a summery. Read More

Poem / War and Military

November 20, 2008

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A returning soldier and his nightmares. Read More

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