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When we are in need, comfort can come from a place of the heart where love is what connects hearts together. In many sorrows, a woman shares her story of how in reverence, she continues to live and speak words of love to all. My poem is inspired by… Read More

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Trey is encountering near death experiences and seeing angels of demons? What is he to make of what he see's? Is it even real? Read More
Sometimes we want to slip away, but we are challenged by our greatest foe, ourselves. Read More

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Here’s a new post, well, not quite! I stopped posting because, basically, I don’t have anything more to say, but, in WordPress (my Yahoo 360 escape vehicle), I noticed I was not getting any reads on my structuralism paper’s most significant Foucault post (a paper not posted at Booksie). The… Read More
My conversation with the Devil continues to cite the connectivity problems that arise in the micro universe and then draws upon Relativity theory for confirmation of the necessary opposites that shape God’s footprint. In the discussion of temporality that follows—given the theory of God’s footprint—the message is that because unidirectional… Read More
While I was deciding where I wanted to go with my Footprint story I stumbled across this meditation and decided very quickly that it was a good summary of my Footprint story. Except for posting on the web, this meditation represents the only other time I attempted to “tell my… Read More
Here’s something different. Think of this post as being consistent with my thesis/story, but not part of it. My thesis, unbeknownst to my Professors at the time, succeeded on two levels. First, it satisfied a degree requirement, and second, it enhanced my argument for the existence of God, an argument… Read More
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