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When Jonas and 3 friends form Vertillion, the band becomes a huge success among the indie scene. With lyrics that call to those at the bottom of the food chain, the band's popularity reaches new heights. But the boys soon discover fame has its price. Read More
Old poem saving here. Not that I would personally know anyone like this broad. Read More
Do not make life harder than it is. My poem. Read More

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For decades, if not generations, my mother’s family has attempted, without success, to regain ownership of lands originally granted to them by the Spanish King sometime during the late 1700s to early 1800s, through a land grant. The Mexican government also issued land grants in what is now known as… Read More
A manipulative young man gleefully exploits the rich and elite. But what motivates his sinister actions? Read More
A beautiful young woman from a large family agrees to marry a much older rich man to save her family from poverty. Read More
A rich and entitled mature woman contemplates her lost beauty, youth, and life. Read More
Depression makes rich a vagrant; star a wanderer and a soul, lifeless. Open up to overcome this obstacle. Read More
This story is typically a story of Langit siya Lupa ako. Obviously people who are very different and opposite to each other. Rich boy- Poor girl Kwento ng isang simpleng babae na ang tanging hinangad ay makapagtapos lang ng pag-aaral. A girl with determination, strong spirit,palaban at higit sa lahat… Read More
She belongs to a wealthy family. She has a lot of friends and want to be friends with her. She can give all they want. Bar, party, outing, camping and everything. But, are they real? Or just being friends with her because she is rich? Read More
Callers can arrive at one’s doorstep in the form of either heroes or villains, good or bad, likeable or dislikeable, intelligent or dim, rich or poor, healthy or beset with an ailment. Once I even played host, unwittingly, to a murderer! We all have our own stories, all unique. Mine… Read More
Is coincidence different than fate or are they the same? Some people say that meeting someone once is nothing special. Meeting a second time might just be a coincidence, but a third time just might be fate. Nothing good has happened in Ellery's life. Well, until she met him. Author's… Read More

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February 16, 2020

It’s easy to slip into a world of homelessness, mental illness or both. Do you think it could happen to you? I can’t answer that, but here’s what I do know: No one is exempt. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

millie was desperate for her parents to notice her, was she about to go too far? Read More

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May 01, 2019

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What should die is reanimated. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When I make big.I make money.on money I buy Bicycle Vedio games Bat Ball Strawberry Mango Oranges Burger Pizza Sandwich Banana Milk Small car When I make big.I have much money.I buy that time I have no money. But no problem .I have one thing that is good dream.… Read More

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The whole clan jubilated when they learnt that their son Odumbi had recieved two hundred millions.However, the man himself had different plans on his mind. Read More

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Rich or poor it doesn't matter Read More

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'Your angels guide, protect and love you through every dark moment, and help you to find the Light again.' -Doreen Virtue. Everyone has their demons that they must overcome; yet some find it easier to hide them. Everyday, Rosetta Carlyle must find a way to linger in… Read More
this is the story of two guys who fall in love in spite of the odds. (THis is NOT plagiarism, the story is already published on here, and it was a earlier account I had, I am just revising the story) Read More
A man has a dream (nightmare) about what his life could have been like, under different circumstances. Trump. Read More
Heros rise from the ashes and heroicly defend what they cherish most, from the bottom to the top. But, what if you're already at the top? Meet Hayes Reinfeild, his family built a multi-billion dollar industry, Reinfeild Enterprises. Reinfeild Enterprises dominated the city of Hollow, the Reinfeild family is… Read More

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July 28, 2017

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Just sending them as they come in. Read More
Just a short silly story about a guy and his friend, a parrot. Read More
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