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JJ has been having trouble dealing with her father's death that happened 10 years ago. Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 10, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Nostalgia can be a right pain in the bum. Read More
A Makahu father with a rare form of cancer is being denied a drug that may give him more time with his four young children. Read More

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Otolaryngologist in Sacramento California Read More

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Xana thought that she was normal her whole life, despite her trauma, serious insomnia, and other deeper issues. However, it turns out that her and her father are wanted by a massive industry because of a huge secret that was kept from Xana her whole life.. Read More
This is the story of an incredible man Richard Proenneke and how he, like my Grandfather transformed me into not only a man but a good man. This is mainly the story of Richard Proenneke and his life at Twin Lakes. Read More
The gang goes to the prom as crazy things begin to happen Read More
Major anouncement at the school for the prom and HAPPY NEW YEAR Read More
After being dumped by her boyfriend Danielle asks Cory if she can spend the night Read More
An adoptive guy falls in love with his childhood neighborhood friend I based this story off of tv show So Little Time starring the Olsen Twins I thought off this story 10 years ago Read More
Carson, a special agent for a hidden department in the CIA contemplates just what his life has become. Read More
Provides a unique analysis of the key 'Life Cycles' years (ie.24/36/48) in the life and career of leading Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan. Perfect correlation between her major turning points/new directions and the theory. Read More
A story of my heart and I. Read More
Read, learn and comment! Thanks! Okay, fine, something's telling me to make myself useful and inform... Basically, I had no idea what to do, and when that happens, my imagination goes into beserko mode and makes me write THIS, a POV about how Angia (see KOJ, homepage), the Great Queen… Read More
Inspired by a recent horticultural experiment. Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 18, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Danni is a 17 year old girl, struggling with vampirism, and in future, though she doesn't know yet, with love. But what happens when she realizes that her meeting with her crush was planned? Read More
it wouldnt let me edit the title of the last document, so all scenes will be different pieces. These are scenes two, three, and four of the script, hope you love it! comment & like if you like it, or if you wanna suggest something or something like that :D Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

i read the story the most dangerous game by Richard Connell and loved it. but then when i watched the movie (which by the way was made in like, 1930) i feel asleep maybe ten minutes into it. i thought it needed to be re-made, redone, re-awesomed! i will now… Read More
Violet lives a normal life, as close to normal as it can be, anyway. She goes on with herself, day after day. One day, though, Rich appear, and changes the way Violet is able to see anything she thought she knew. This isn't really a novel, but it was the… Read More
My purty noob-ish story. I believe this is the first fan fiction I wrote. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! Read More
Talia Diane Patterson had no intention on getting a boyfriend. She didn't even think she'd make friends at her new school. But one friend- is she really a friend? Talia's mistakes come to big consequences. Perhaps she should've did what they told her too. Read More
A girl named Olivia has a dad. But this dad has just been selected for the g-9 unit. The g-9 unit is a obsicle course filled with death. Only one man will remain. Who will it be? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Richard and Elrond, Richard's friend escape an invasion of their hometown by the MRA, whom used magic to do it. They travel to far away lands, and in mysterious places trying to find an ancient knowledge that would be used to save the world from killing itself. Read More
A song composed by Richard Benito Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

“Bang” the sound of a gun being fired, even though she was so closed to the gun men, she did not have the time to hear it, all she did was think about the things she needs to think, and there she lied with all her thoughts in her minds.… Read More
A look into my new project: The Rightful Heir, What is it? A blog novel... EDIT: New Character Page is out! READ READ READ! Read More
Richard Sickles (Sick-les) was the proper inheritance of the Thyme’s fortune after he had won a game with the famous professional poker-player Michael Niger Thyme. He owned all the possessions of the Thymes, including the mansions, the lands, the money, household items, and even Michael’s beautiful newly-wed wife Michelle. Loathing… Read More
Throughout the 13 years of her life, Diana only dedicate herself to 3 things - Singing, Reading and her Papa's orders. She would do anything to complete her Papa's orders. Love, on the other hand, was completely unnecessary. But it all changes on her 13th Birthday. Papa's present, or to… Read More
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