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Rick, is now becoming a united soul seeking out what is our most renowned secret society, the luminatie Read More
It's time to go, where you have never been before and dicover with Rick Sanchez what lies beyond your border walls Read More
As secret's are formed, there is someone who knows, it is Rick that does, infact speak those words, ultimately telling the intire world, what it is that should not be told Read More
Journey beyond to point of infinity and discover a hole new turn into the abdoant afterlife, one of true power and glory, as rick takes his final path and seeks a new journey Read More
Journey far and wide and see the wonders of Ricks multiverse, where Rick plan is to steal it all Read More
Rick is a proud man, and knows all of what our world is going through but as he stands discusted, he can only think of one endvour, to change his home planet, planet earth Read More
Rick and morty, are planing to go forth to a new, 4th demtional world, one where gravity don't exist, even on land and the psycics don't make scence, and anything could happen ((In this story I'm Going for mind fuck factor, would make a better televised episode)) Read More
With all due respect, the life of a dignfied man is power and Rick has found the way, and now he will go on a quest, a hunt to contain souls for ultimate victory Read More
When rick makes a mistake he need some insurance and his plans have always served him well, but this time for rick has he gone to far I come to find this one, not a suitable piece of work, but it's ok... Read More
Rick decides its time for you to be able to change forms to any sex with even there organs Read More
I'm trying to bring a character in that can know all and evrything and talk to rick, like no one else can Read More
Rick, is now God, and as he sits as king waiting for somthing The tardis apears, what does he do make a friend or foe, or even an enemy of the Dr. Read More
So you where wondering why worms and you have no idea, we'll you in for a treat for I have something for your idea's if this story don't make sense, to you it is for I have other rick and Morty post that follow a serious path, check out the… Read More
Rick, has always tried his hardest to become more of a man he use to be, and now he is here to stay, and just in the nick of time for, somthing is making its way back to ricks worldy demotion Read More
so you are here and you made to the end, through my journey of rick and Morty, what do you have to say, about our new god, Rick Sanchez the man who refuses to lose, who just keep's given, congratulations, to you all, for this is not the his true… Read More
This is a demo, to a rick and Morty story, I am written this one might make you smile! Read More
A hey, and hello to you all, I would like to share with you my collective work by no other than collective-nrg's Ryan Horvat, me! all my work besides one is something to do with the rick and Morty universe, and I hope I can bring the same comical relief… Read More
There is turmoil at mist, and what was once known as the free lands, federation property, is no more, and Rick most graciously will volunteer his help in the war against the bug Read More
Sexual innuendos) This is the story to claim the right, to come into Ricks ass, for the realm of ricks ass holds great power and rick has made a test for Morty, so he can claim all the joys and wonders of ricks ass Morty will unlock the power of… Read More
Now that all knows rick is god, he will find out who meets there maker (Fixed) Read More
In ricks journeys he has discovered a new world, the land of sub-moitimeir, a realm where all knowlege form every, existance from every universe meets in one shared co. Existing existance hey, i noticed this story gets the most hits for it was shared on pintrest by others for me,… Read More
Today's top athletes are no longer men and sport is dominated around the universe by doirds, morty wants all this, dominating sport can give and Rick is easy to comply Read More
Rick and morty decide its time to winde down and watch a Interderementional movie, the feature presentation is one of a fantasy afterlife where you will follow the brave knights of lium, fight against evil Read More
Morty, summer and Rick, spend there time togther getting into all sorts of trouble, and have discovered a lifeform that offers them a dream of a life time, and in ricks hands, who know what rick himself will do, with this discovery Read More
After ricks surprising move that has landed him in the hot seat of the world's surprise, rick is seen to be more than what meets the eye, and what has been told to us before, has just been a lie (fixed) sorry this ain't one my best of reads, check… Read More
Today I anouce that your world is mine, at least that what ricks latest foe has to think about us all, and now Rick is now up against one of his most worthy advisors, I hope Rick doesn't end up in any sorts of trouble Read More
Rick discovers a way to, find all information of ever universe in ever demtion, and takes his true fight to the world, who knows what rick will do with unlimited power, that he acquired by his own two hands Read More
Rick is batheld, on a new discovery, not to far from his home town, planet earth, and has decided to take morty with him, To discovery a world within side itslef, where Rick and morty are destined to be gods, of this newly formed generated world, a paradise of dreams… Read More
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