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For some of us, it is impossible to try to picture today’s flourishing and exploding landscape that makes up the Rio Grande Valley, without seeing the faces and voices of the Chicanos and the Mexican workers from across the border, who toiled and endured the struggles and tribulations of this… Read More
For decades, if not generations, my mother’s family has attempted, without success, to regain ownership of lands originally granted to them by the Spanish King sometime during the late 1700s to early 1800s, through a land grant. The Mexican government also issued land grants in what is now known as… Read More
Do not cry for those now gone, that lived without ever knowing what it was like to be free. Do not cry for the forgotten, who toiled the fields and hauled the hay, and picked the fruit. For they were the dreamers and the seekers in a time before the… Read More
I look across the Rio Grande and see a different world. I see a bleak and uninviting horizon beyond the water’s edge. So close, and yet so far. Like a brilliant star that I can almost reach up and touch, yet a million miles or years away. The horizon illusory.… Read More
The Rio Grande Valley (Texas), like most areas in the country, is made up of small towns and communities. And each has a story and a history. Many smaller communities have a history that refuses to evolve or change over time to accommodate the progress and diversity that has overtaken… Read More
how dare someone say to me . . . “you don’t belong here,” or “you’re not welcomed here.” . . . we are, in fact, the “blue bloods,” the true texans -- the children of the original settlers, tenders and builders of the lands along the rio grande. Read More
Today came, and the despair, fear and anxiety of yesterday, was still here. And nothing seems to have changed from yesterday Read More
There is a place beyond the rainbow, somewhere beyond the Rio Grande Valley. A place with green pastures, fields and golden meadows, where the sound of freedom fills the air. A place beyond the rainbow, where the gentle winds disburse the melodies of liberty and harmony. And where the skies… Read More
A gentle breeze betrays the harshness of the escaping day, as I begin to see approaching shadows overtake the fracturing twilight scurrying into the recesses of abandoned time. Read More
We understand that history is anything that has happened in the past, whether it happened a few minutes ago or 20, 30 or 100 years ago. We also understand that history is supposed to caution us, inspire us and even teach us about ourselves, our nation, and the blunders and… Read More
Many of you may know a little about my life. You may have read my writings about my military life, and how war changed me from a naïve young boy, into a disillusioned and scarred man, with no time in between the two to savor the pleasures and wonders of… Read More
How cold the days become when weathered hearts ignore the cries that drift across the shifting sands of time. It is the heart of man that lights the path and elevates the spirits of the fallen and forsaken. Read More
As the Coronavirus wave continues to find its way to our country and more specifically to the Valley by the Rio Grande, many are disheartened by the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. Read More
The late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s were the times of my life in the Valley along the Rio Grande. That was the time when darkness and shadows forewarned the human heart of the evil that man can bestow upon himself and his fellow man. Read More
I grew up among the tangled weeds and wildflowers that once defined the landscape of our lives in a valley stretching out from the banks of the Rio Grande. It was a time of hardship and adversity. A time when brown-skinned men and women were a commodity to be used… Read More
The setting sun reflects its dimming brilliance on the meandering and flowing waters of the Rio Grande. It is the sunset that illuminates the beauty and tranquility of the gentle current that gently prods the nectar that nourishes the richness of the Valley beyond the river’s edge Read More
There was a place along the Rio Grande where once brave hearts lived. It was the land of promise and of hope. The land that God had touched and had so graciously abound with the richness of its fertile soil and the warmth of its tropic winds and gentle rains. Read More
There is a place beyond the river’s edge where once young children played. A place that beckoned with its serenity and its beguiling charm. Read More
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