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Calico is the story of how a slave finds a weapon that can change the face of the world. It's the first book, in my line of novels I will write to tell this story. Read More

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Hi this is one for cartoon fans and dextro users. It was made on pot/dxm. This story will deal with philosophy and real life events classically. Read More
jsut a small excerpt of a novel i'm writing, just wondering how you like the writing style :) sorry for not posting it all here, but i want to have it fully published one day, which means it has to be able to sell please tell me what you think… Read More
Riley's been addicted to the Hardcore life. since she was fourteen, she's been dragged into the, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll life. from sleeping with rock gods for drugs, to pretending she was a completely different person in front of her family. when Riley meets Sam again after many… Read More

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what will happen when a clown/demon/thing attacks a girl and there's no proof?!read to find out.Please read and comment it wud mean alot :D Read More
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