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What might happen if a thief of today was sent to the future. Read More

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A high school wrestler gets involved in global conspiracies through a series of events. The plot will be different unless everyone likes this plot more, but, the characters are exactly the way I want them to be. Read More
Two men meet for the first time. Or Is It? --- This story might seem to be about the treachery of mankind, but it is really about how close we may be connected to those around us, and never even know it. Read More
A very short story about an old woman being robbed and the decision that she makes. Read More
Three young boys investigate a strange man who has moved into their neighborhood...the person is a serial what happens Read More
Baldovik suffers from a brain disorder called (***) which makes him highly ambitious (so don't think his descisons are hilarious). Take a look at his adventurous exploits. Read More
Eh. Just read it. You know you want to. Read More
Harold King is blind. Harold King is bitter. And one thing Harold King hates is when snidey little shits try to take advantage of that, that and degenerate working-class scum. But the morning when he walked into his bank to ask for a loan was also the morning when his… Read More
Claire and best friend, Nicole, are having a sleepover when a robber breaks in and they are in deeper trouble than they ever imagined. Read More
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