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Whilst I was stil in Performing arts, my friends discovered I could write due to this piece. We were on lunch, and began discussing what would actually happen to us in a horror movie like situation. I found it ammusing, so decided to write it as a short story. This… Read More
Jeremy West is on the verge of repeating 10th grade unless he comes to school on time. This story follows the drama he has to endure to arrive on time for school. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Isabella Jade Termlocke was deaf, which made her the perfect victim to a group of bank robbers - will it be the blessing in disguise she so desperately needs? Or will it be the nightmare she has always feared? Read More
A tragedy has left Saylor broken and unstable. She lost the one person who meant everything to her in her troubled life. Him being gone, has turned Saylor cold...and aching for something, anything, to give her life meaning again. So when Aerial gives her an offer she can't refuse..She doesn't.… Read More
I, Chris Wong, is the almighty Mind Reader but I don't expose my real identity. I hide among you, waiting for the moment to save all of you. That could be somewhat troublesome though Read More
When you're forced to become what you have secretly been dreaming of being, could you ever stop? Could you ever turn back, even after you're no longer being forced? consciousness Read More

Book / Westerns

March 20, 2013

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Cat Carson watched a man rape and murder her sister. She stabs him after he tries to do the same to her, but no one believes that it was self defense. She has her face splashed on wanted posters across the west. Cat befriends a gang of train robbers her… Read More
A story about how my relationship with my dog has helped me come to terms with my depression and suicidal thoughts. Read More
A man commits a crime to provide for his wife after losing his job. Read More

Script / Humor

December 23, 2012

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Short sketch. A couple gets held up by a mugger in an alley, however the Mugger is going to be the one suffering. Enjoy! Read More
I have written a 10,000 word novella, titled “The Dainty”, set in 1969 Detroit; One day in an Irish Pub, and that day is Christmas Eve. The dysfunctional denizens of The Dainty plow through a fierce snowstorm, cocktails, and their personal baggage as Christmas Eve plays out before them. Read More

Book / Horror

November 13, 2012

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Crime is every where. You can't get away from ikt. It will always be around. Read More

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Average response time for police to a robbery is four minutes. A good getaway driver knows this. No one knows his real name. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Hazel is just an average girl and with a robbery gone wrong, she resqued by the unknown ninjas of the sewers! Read More
James Rogan is in for the second most traumatic day of his life as the bank he works at is robbed Read More
This is very very very short, I read an article about a man and woman who did unspeakable things to save their children and I thought about this and it gave me inspiration to write a poem but I got pissed off with the layout of it and thought it… Read More
Boredom really and chocolate digestives..... um they are good... This was just a random one Read More
Hiker gets cought in storm and looks for shelter and finds bodies and treasure. Read More
Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli is an Italian historian, philosopher, humanist, and writer but best known for his lies and cunningness. Because of his lies and cunningness, Calvin Ashcroft, a killer and Julian Machiavelli, a great nephew of Niccolò himself, decided to make a club, a Machiavellian club, to honor… Read More
Beatrice Kane is the youngest person to be the ringleader of a cross-country crime spree. She's only seventeen-years-old, and by the time you read all of this, she and her three friends will have hit twelve of the biggest banks in the biggest cities of all time, stolen a car,… Read More
“Why do you continue to look at the fork, when only you can see into your mind?” To which Lucius replied, “I look into this fork and I see my mind…cold, yet sharp.” Read More
An average man trying to be a hero like he sees in the movies. Read More
What would happen if you go across the country and meet your filthy rich aunt?? What would happen if you fall in love with a boy along the way?? What would YOU do if you suspect he did the crime?? Would you make him do the time?? Read More

Book / Romance

July 24, 2011

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i really don't know how to explain it...but please read it and give me your input. Read More
This is the story of what becomes of Samuel, who tries to do the right thing for the wrong reason, and then the wrong thing for the same reason. Read More

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Supermarket shelf stacker foils robbery. Read More

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This novel-like short story centers on four men who decided to move on up the ladder and make their dreams come true by doing one thing: robbing a bank. With half a million about to be in their possession, reality turns for the worst when one of the gang takes… Read More

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A girl who gets kidnapped and has to watch as her friends die right in front of her, she falls in love with her kidnapper. This is my first story so please comment and tell me what you think so far. Read More
Travis Boone is a simple man, who enjoys simple things such as tea and the smell of fresh newsprint. As the editor in chief to his city's newspaper, he's seen and written many things- But never anything like this. Mysteriously, Travis stumbles upon a peculiar book: A diary. Although the… Read More
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