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This book is about a girl named Alexis, who is trapped in a maze after seeing her doctor. There will be puzzles along the way for her and her new friends to solve. There will be a continuation when I finished this book. This book is based on a roblox… Read More
Zachariah is a boy who loves playing Roblox. But he always wanted a computer to play on, and finally gets one. But it isn't what he thinks it is... Read More

Tags: death, cringe, roblox

A book that is a sequel to the book Minecraft Unofficial Cringebook. Try not to Cringe. By the way the account in this story is actually mine in real life so follow me on roblox.Yes im 14 and I still play roblox, I have a sad life. The book… Read More
If you don't know how this story works, there is this game called ROBLOX that has a subforum on (it will be off soon) its forums called Off Topic. ROBLOX is making an update to the forums to make a lot of subforums gone, including Off Topic. An OT'er, anajay2,… Read More

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Follow three different teams, all with common origins. As they battle through newfound monsters and try to find what they're all looking for. This tale will slowly begin to unfold, you'll never find out unless you start reading. Read More

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They're just a few dabbles i'll work on in my spare time. A ship of two online friends, nothing much. Read More

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Arguments, oh arguments. Why don't you go away? part4 part5 coming out soon. Read More

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part3- little rebels xo Read More

Tags: roblox - theme song part 2. Read More

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A group of online friends met. Only a few date, But.. drama just struck. Read More

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A girl who has always been obsessed with herself, only to realise the truth at the last moment. How many died? She will never know, the George Washington Bridge was her last glimpse before she threw the bomb that sealed her destiny forever. Read More
A ROBLOX based event that can connect to the real world. A family hiding in an attic, soon to realise their final moments. Only to be powerless in the end. Read More

Tags: holocaust, roblox

This is my next story in the Chronicles. All of Team Justice, Team Salvation, and Team Chronos are here including Redinosaur. I hope you all enjoy. Read More

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I hope you all enjoy the third book in the series. This took much faster to write and was just as long as the second book. In this book, Team Justice must find Team Salvation. Will the maze let them, once they finally meet? Read More

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Here is my second story, featuring Team Salvation. A team from a small village, you will see their first adventures here. These childhood friends will find something mysterious with the help of an old book. ATRers included: Wizzerland, Gamedude809, Jpokemon, Wustard, and Spathi. Read More

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Hello ATRers! After seeing a discussion about why people hate Lucky Lapin from the 2014 Egg Hunt, I decided to write a short story about some ATRers versing him in a battle to save all of ROBLOX. ATRers included: 81cheney, Tushie24, Notive, Mxddison, Syranium, Meny2312, Bluedeeri, Brunito9000, and Dispena. Read More

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The worlds of ROBLOXia are being taken over by no other than... Guest1337! Join BlueRangerMorph and his team into the adventure of a lifetime through different realms! The quest begins now... Read More

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This is about rolbox. Read and Review plz! Read More
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