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A prisoner is selected for an experiment fifty years into the future. He awakens after a long cryogenic hibernation in a world where robotics is the new fad. Yet even fifty years into the future Androbert wakes to discover that his freedom is no different than his 25 to life… Read More
An eBook for science fiction lover or tech fancier. The book describes the author's imagination of the futuristic world subjectively by tapping on the knowledge and development of current technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Virtual Reality. Futuristic in the context of the author refers to year 2030 and… Read More
Written for a challenge at the Imaginarium House. Cover image: Read More
Humanity has been transformed by cybernetics enhancements, the things that once made us humans no longer exist. People don't think for themselves anymore, apart from one man, on a mission to give whatever shred of humanity they have left back to the people. Follow his journey and live his experiences… Read More
The role of artificial intelligence to human life. Read More
A brief analysis of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, drawing comparisons between the novel and the idea of the Uncanny Valley- the point at which robots and humans can scarcely be told apart. Read More
Things are not what they appear for Patrick, the newest advanced model. Read More
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