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I came back from Fontainebleau and had this idea for how the Dreamworks man ended up in the moon with a fishing rod. Read More

Poem / Romance

July 12, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Sad Read More

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Short Story / Horror

February 15, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

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Poem / Poetry

October 04, 2019

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Make of it what you will. Cover image: Read More
Rocks of all shapes and sizes hold a convention to praise the Lord. Read More
Summary Berry Basalt had lived a very long life and a great life. He had some many memories. And now, he was going to get to share them all with his family and the fourth grade class that his granddaughter was in. Plus, he was going to get to go… Read More
Summary: Oliver Obsidian was a curious rock who asked a lot of questions. In this book we follow the story of Oliver Obsidian as learns from his father about the igneous rock Obsidian and how they came to be. Authors Note: This book is intended to educate children about Obsidian… Read More
A roundabout tale of crusher dust, paving and and explanation of knapping. Read More

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Someone said that this was a kid's story, I don't think they were talking very little kids. It is a fable looking at possible life from another angle, and what some might do with it. Read More

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Sometimes it takes odd occurrences and perseverance to really get to know people. Other times you just fall Into it, literally. Read More
Just a simple story about a good Samaritan. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 19, 2017

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This was intended for the recent flash-fiction contest, but a seemingly irredeemable glitch meant it couldn't be entered.Enjoy. A child at the water's edge. A mysterious voice. Read More
ok - a poem Read More

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This is all I got so far but "Brave Owl" said she liked it and wanted me to finish it so I guess it will have to do for now. I don't know though I might end up changing it a bit. It depends on how I like it next… Read More
So I'm taking a creative writing class in school and this is one of the poems I wrote for an assignment (it was required to be an anaphora poem, so the repetition was, of course, necessary). Although a lot of school writing is generally fake or bs'd, I actually liked… Read More
Have you been on Booksie for sometime now? Or are you new here? Doesnt matter. I'm sure you will ALL relate to my new article :'Things we have ALL experienced on Booksie'. It contains all the experiences I'm sure you have ALL experienced on this wonderful site. It will only… Read More
This is just a short poem I jotted down off the top of my head :) Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 23, 2014

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Zetha is an artic hunter. With her Panther close beside her, she can do almost anything. Until the Ice Empire decides it is time to expand into her homeland. Zetha must now battle forces greater than anything just to save her beautiful untouched land. But will she even make it?… Read More

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Like the 4th edition of this series it about rocks! Lol but this poem has a twist and goes makes references to the rock cycle Read More

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In this poem I make a unique comparison to people and rocks... weird it may sound but makes for an interesting poem in the end Read More
Kovalum beach in South India is one of the unique beaches in the country with black sand appears seasonally replaced by fine white sand. The downside is the lack of compliance by the restaurant operations on the beach with resopect to discharge of wastewater into the beach. Read More
Gob's action packed adventure story. Read More
Living in Kailua-Kona on the dry west side was in total contrast to the extreme wet southeast living in Puna district. Read More
Hindus believe in reincanation and karma.VW Beatle came back as VW Jetta as reincarnation after 35 years to Juggernaut for payback for his bad karma. Read More

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No burnt up biscits for super No muddy boot prints on the floor I'll complain again, never more. Your dog tags around my neck You army picture on my desk No point in looking for better; I had the best. Read More
Rocks,ocean,Captain Cook,Sands,Etc; Read More

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A short summary of expereince living in the midst of rainforest. Read More
We enjoyed our vacation on a tropical island. A story to warm you up during the cold winter months. Read More
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