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The King has a fear of vermin, so he needs a vermin remover. Hmm, Really? Read More
taken from my book, "Pray For Solution" Read More
taken from my book, "And Now It's Time For A Lift-Off!" Read More
One night a curious pet rat named Jefferson escapes his cage in New York. While in his travels he meets a group of rodents in Central Park, that are interested in his ideas and they set to work creating a new society. Many rodents migrate to the Colony, including one… Read More
Animal testing is wrong-topic for gov't class. Read More
Ever thought you had a friend in someone only to learn, they were your ultimate nightmare? Learning this only after you have invested half your life into them... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is for LizanneStewart's Challenge. I was given a chronical on the longest amount of time I've gone without sleeping. It will be incorporated in my story. This is a Mystery/horror piece. Please enjoy! Read More
The true story about a pet wild rat raised from infancy, and an event in her life that had astonishing results. Read More
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