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“A young, unworldly teacher with a weak heart, volunteers to deliver medical aid to a children’s hospital in 1990s Romania, and later into war-torn Bosnia, and finds herself in the company of rogues and the target of mercenaries.” Read More
A full cycle has passed since the Dark Tide swept across Welkincor, sending hordes of refugees fleeing to the lands south. Without a home, without a family, and without hope, Givigen survived in the slums of Nilcor's capital city through theft and stealth. Now, with a ragtag gang of… Read More
Ebony, a young cat who works under the mysterious rogue known as Boss, is sent to spy on the newly arrived StrongClan. There he will find a happiness he never expected to know... only problem is that Boss wants nothing more for this Clan to be vanquished, and he'll do… Read More
It was just another job they said. Simply take out the target and be on your way. But the things that followed this job, linked to it or not, were not the usual for the King of Rogues. Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 24, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

At your best friends sweet 16th you would want to have fun. Dance. And meet boys. But when your best friend is half human half werewolf there is going to be a added wolf or two. I have never meet a wolf before so it was exciting to meet her… Read More
Parker says her goodbyes before being led into the Oracles cave. Read More
The beggar's ally in Anthir houses the Stalkers, a den of thieves who are at war with the Black Wolves for the Dockside. A mysterious benefactor hires two stalkers for a task, which reveals something terrible in the works among their enemy. Read More
Kayliana Russo is fifteen years of age. She's a cannibal, not by choice of course. Everyone from her past life is unsure whether she's even alive anymore. She lives day by day, particularily unnoticed taking into consideration her odd diet, waiting for it all to come to an end. However,… Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 21, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Two vampire sisters in Kansas city fight to rid the back streets and alleys of rogue vampires. One sister revenge, an the others extremely loyalty push these girls forward in their fight against the rogues, with the men of their hearts. Read More
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