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Poem / Non-Fiction

October 02, 2018

Me finishing with a theme that has been plaguing me for a long time Read More

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The BoMoWriCha Prompts House

Have you ever wondered about your D&D characters? You throw them into such bizarre situations, controlling them as you barrel towards certain doom. If you roll poorly, they'll die, but who cares? You can just roll up another character. But what if they don't want to be… Read More

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"Me thinks Shuck is gonna be in for a shock! Nicely done, CheyJade. The fight against that hand of his at the notice board was an excellent way o..." Read More

i play minecraft, but mostly role plays. with these role plays i have a chance to create a character and a story. this is a story about my character amilia giffard. Read More
A flash fiction piece about a group of roleplayers. Aaron had been cheating on his rolls all night, and the main character has finally had enough. I understand that a lot of the mechanics in the story aren't exactly how role-playing games work, but I had to simplify it for… Read More

Script / Horror

July 27, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Anyone? Read More
This is just the sign-up sheet for my new roleplay; The Silence. I've already written this book, but I'm going to do it with BRAND NEW characters in addition to the originals, and the plot will be thicker now that new characters are involved! Read More
Arie and Jay have something in common. When they meet by chance, they have no idea what to do about it. While they figure that out there is something dark and evil roaming the first. Could this be the thing that destroys them both and the forest? Or will one… Read More

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I sighed internally. He's going to make me write an essay or solve a question paper right here. "I want you to put this pen inside you." I abruptly looked up in utter surprise. My train of thoughts couldn't seem to grasp that sentence. And for the first, since I… Read More
A profile for a character i plan to use soon in stories & that i currently use when roleplaying with my friends. Read More
The following is a bit about what happened to Kitten Longhart after her capture by Echoing Halls. Also the debut of Leonardo Colletorre, Nicole's husband. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Echoing Halls is active with getting a more recent captive, an Elf, their 20th capture. Read More
*****Warning***** Contains very gory scenes. Anyways, a short story with my main RolePlay character Shadow Claw Wolf. I made it for a little writing contest me and my cousins had. I only have two parts for it right now, but I will work on it soon, as well as some… Read More
"To start off, it’s a government facility that uses humans as test subjects for many different things....Beware of the doctors, they may seem not too bad but beware if you get taken to their sleeping quarters. You may feel special; you may think that you’re just going for different testing.… Read More
Need help developing your characters? This is an exercise to help you with just that. See how well your characters interact with other characters. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Orran is a girl who's always lived a sheltered life. After traveling to the city Dumbarton to branch out, Orran joins Dunbarton Magic School, which, since starting, has continued to offer many new classes until it really just became a normal school. Here, Orran meets Soruu, and their adventure begins...… Read More
Stiff sets out on the adventure of his life. Guided by friendship, rivalries, riches, vengeance, and the will to go the distance, he follows his path ready to face what Vana'diel may throw at him. Determined to push through his tragic past, he follows the perilous road ahead that may… Read More

Book / Romance

December 02, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

During a time of war, three girls are chosen to work as maids in the castle belonging to the leaders of the Underground Legion. But... we can skip the important stuff for now... SO BRING ON THE FLUFF! Read More
This is another Roleplay that I participated in which is still on-going on Gaiaonline. Same title, same people, same characters. I'm simply transcripting this story for what it is directly from the thread created by Katsumi_Hakubi. All the characters are maintained in their original form and credited to the writers… Read More
This is the character story for Ailo. Here starts. Read More
A little explaining. These are all our roleplaying characters. Ailo's Ex Husband killed her baby because she had it with another man. Ailo is an angel. Her life source is a locket, and with that locket, she can give her baby life again, but she'll have to give up her… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 18, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This is about my roleplaying character, Ailo. She's basically a happy go lucky little girl. Read More

Tags: love, sad, epic, roleplay, ailo

feel like mindfucking the hell out of yourself? then -brace- yourself and join the ride! Read More
A way to make people have to actually practice Read More
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