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First short story posted. I hope you guys like it (: Read More
What if you're crush request you to make his bestfriend happy instead to make him happy?, Would you say yes to his request? or not? This is the roller coaster love of Julie Smith that will let the ride go to fall,go to up, go to the right and go… Read More
This is the true story of how I fell in love with YOU. This summer I met a guy, and I fell in love with him. Getting to today, we've been through cheating, travelling cross country for forgiveness. It's about distance, break-ups, getting back together and missing someone so much… Read More
I wrote this reflecting on my life and the expectationsof my family that I must be successful and climb the corportae ladder. I however have other ideas and think that life is becoming one of corporate clones and that we as a race are forgetting there is fun out there!… Read More
Eric and Joe just wanted to have a nice day at Disneyland, but they got themsleves into so much trouble that they themselves could not get out of it. Read More
personification of a roller coaster. they aren't all fun and games you know. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Another poem inspired by a rainy day, yet another perspective on life. Enjoy! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Flight of the Rollercoaster is the story of a not so casual rollercoaster ride... Read More
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