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A creative writing assignment I was given when I studied in Rome; to find a piece of artwork & create a story about it. I decided to become the fountain, bring it to life, & share it's struggles. Read More
20 Years before the main story, Saturninus Aurelius Gallus led a carefree life in his father's villa upon Palatine in Roma, when he becomes infatuated with a plebian girl from Capua, he would do anything to marry her. Including giving in to his father's request for him to take up… Read More
Just my feeling,this time the ones I wish I didn;t have.. Read More
Hey this is my first story. It is about a Roman Centurion Cartono Cossio in command of the 5th Legion. This story is set in the future if the Roman Empire returned and United the nations of the world and beyond. This story depicts the horrors and glory of war… Read More

Tags: war, action, glory, rome, roma

A short story about gypsies and the future. Read on and you might be surprised about what you find. I must admit, there is a secret message. Thanks in advance for reading. Read More
Hunter. That's what she calls herself now after the Vigilante War and loosing her father. All she wants is to find her father again, to make things right again. Yet over time, she falls herself falling away from the good inside of her. Slowly, she becomes what she feared. A… Read More
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