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An exiled princess brought in to be his wife is the least of Neirin's worries. People and entire villages are disappearing. Supplies are running low. Fairytales seem to have come to life. Neirin didn't think he'd have to go on the journey of a lifetime to figure out how the… Read More

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She was a courier and a gift. Something more, and something less. Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay. (850 words). Read More

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"Is there no end to the way humans can be made more-than or less-than human, depending on your point of view. Chilling in its plausibility, Adam." Read More

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June 13, 2019

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The lives and loves of a group of gay people in New York during the 1950's, that deeply affects the social, economic, and political environment of the era. Read More
I just hit a thousand reads thank you all so much so for this landmark I'm doing something a little different than my previous poems. This is a poem dedicated to my girlfriend who right now where in a long distance relationship trying to work together to get here and… Read More

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This the first chapter of my book and I hope that y'all like it Read More

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June 12, 2019

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people as numbers meet up in a bar, with a silly cryptic answer, at the end. What is it? Read More
Falling for a celebrity is pretty likely but in my case, it's not just a crush but love in its true sense-pure, innocent and beautiful.I love someone not because he's a celebrity but for the person he is-kind and honest.Of course, he's tall and handsome, but nothing comes before the… Read More
Two misfits will find a way to make it work, no matter how much they are looked down on and no matter how many challenges are thrown at them by the twists of fate. Partially inspired by Shakespeare’s line in Sonnet 130: “I think my love as rare as any… Read More
Juliana Mills is about to tell Her Lover Ernest Sinclaire that She's Pregnant. Read More
After waking up in a strangers house, Alison Collins discovers that her savior is more than what he perceives. Read More
After receiving advice from her doctor, a young girl is forced into the country to visit her rich father, whom she has not seen or heard from in a decade. Her traumatic past haunts her, and love is far from her mind when she arrives, but why does it seem… Read More

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June 08, 2019

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Isla Paisley's every carnal desire comes true when two of her male friends make an agreement. Sex whenever she wants, no strings attached. But when their bond is broken by a suicide, Isla realizes that nothing is ever as good as her fantasies. Note: This is first draft.........please bare with… Read More
A blend of religious devotion and love, clearly heavily influenced by, among others, Shakespeare. Written in August 2018. Read More
Julie Castor hoards her childhood letters in her bedroom, waiting for the day she would be receiving a new one from a certain young man she holds dear to her heart. Read More

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This is for My Light,my love, my life, to the woman who has me, anytime for all time. Read More

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Just added a few chapters and details to existing chapters, This will be the final version before I publish on Kindle. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did writing it!!! Ever wondered if there is really such a thing as a soulmate? Jack and Dee discover… Read More
Aika has the power to control what she fears most. Everyone does. The modern public calls these powers figures. Some people use their figures to heal, some to build, some to just horse around. Aika uses hers to fight. As a professional boxer, looking to make her name in the… Read More
A Dragon's Criminal is about a 11 year old boy who committed certain crimes in the Kingdom which cost him his life.Now he is older and has a new life...yet he does not know who he is.But finds out sooner when that past comes crawling back to haunt him. Read More
Donde todo empezó Vol.4 En este volumen volveremos a las aventuras de Alex, sin embargo, será un poco diferente, la cual sabrán ni bien lean el prólogo. Será un volumen que sigue el segundo epílogo del volumen anterior donde Alex viaja a Londres para el torneo que se mencionó en… Read More

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A modern corporation will embrace its users. Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash (370 words). Read More

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" I liked the way you described the AI story. It is likely to be true in the future. Having a romance with an AI. Not sure about technician part..." Read More

"I scattered and tried to forget everything that happened, everything you said, all the things you did. I tried to move past it, to move on and build our relationship up instead of tearing it down, but all you did was burn the bridge between us." When he got a… Read More
Part 2 of my Strangers poem, part three is still in the works Read More
Aelin was enjoying a very nice evening with some very nice mead, and didn’t wish for things to change. However, a stranger came into the town and really screwed things up for her. Read More

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A youth, wandering the mountains of Snowdonia, only speaks Welsh. Where does he come from, and who is Lord Idwal? Read More

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"There is an old english style to way you write. Either that or I am terrible with words. I felt like I was reading a tale found in medievil euro..." Read More

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