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Titus Vassio leads his men out onto the battlefield to face a horde of six thousand Germanic tribesmen, baying for their Roman Blood. Read More
Titus Vassio, is a 2 part short story set in Ancient Roman times. A Roman fort is attacked by an army of barbarian Germanic warriors. Read More

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Jesus has given up His life to ransom the souls of men, but death could not hold Him. Risen again, He promises a power that will come over His people. Despite the joy that He is alive and interceding in the heavenlies on their behalf, heartache has ensued, wasn't the… Read More
This is my story of how it all happened. Read More

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A tribute to one of my favourite historical heroes. Boudicca, Queen of the iceni. Read More
This is a work in Progress.... wanted to see what people thought, see if its readable.... Read More
This is part 3 to the original sorry its mixed up i am writing it on my phone in my spare time so i really do not care what you think i am merely writing it down,,,still a interesting read Read More
Paul gives us a great example of humility. Even in the longest self introduction of all his epistles, Paul keeps the focus where it should be. Read More
Thesis: Human personal freedom is by divine design intrinsic to the nature of the human conscience. The Law Written in the Hearts of the Gentiles Yes, it’s different from the Mosaic Law. God the Father did not write the Mosaic Law in the hearts of the Gentiles. The law written… Read More

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December 03, 2013

taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time" Read More
War, Power, Greed, Jihad, Inquisition, Crusades and Extremists, all words we associate with religion. Shamans, priests, prophets and magicians, servants of the gods, mediums of power, or frauds? Who built the great ziggurats which stand on opposite sides of our world, in Iran and Central America? Did the ancients worship… Read More
Have you ever been criticized by other people? Have they ever wondering of why they gone criticize on others? Nobody’s perfect, as everybody says. Disraeli stated “It is much easier to be critical than to be correct”. Sometimes, criticism can be a solution to everyone’s emotions and spiritual life but… Read More
An elderly couple find old age to still have adventures in store. Read More
"The sun scalds down our throats. Blinded by light, we let our senses devour us." Read More
10 years gone, he could stand in his armor, scars marring his skin from battle, watching the children play as if they were some force moking him. Telling him he that his childhood had never existed. Not to these people. Read More
Summary: When the famed Banshee of Alba is taken captive by the McClain Laird will blood be seen dripping down the moors in the next moon or will a romantic conspiracy come to light? With blades drawn will this romantic prospect ever come into being? Read More
In ancient Ireland a boy is forced to flee for his life across the sea to Albion. Trying to forget the slaughter of his family, he starts a new, more humble life in the Kingdom of Dumnonia, eventually befriending Ambrosius, a boy destined for greatness. He fulfills his late father's… Read More

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Osimius was always left by himself to take care of the property. Aesos is a Demi-God, not caring about much of anything in the world but war, power, and love. By a chence encounter, the two of them meet. Now in love, they fall hard but war threatens to tear… Read More
I was shown mercy and I knew that because of that I had nowhere to go. Let me tell you what I once was. I was once a welcome tribe member of the Silures. I was once a great fighter of my tribe. I was once the chief's daughter. I… Read More
Hunter. That's what she calls herself now after the Vigilante War and loosing her father. All she wants is to find her father again, to make things right again. Yet over time, she falls herself falling away from the good inside of her. Slowly, she becomes what she feared. A… Read More

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December 10, 2007

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Calling Sailor's with her seductive songs, beckoning them to come along. Read More
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