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This book focuses on those small and big moments of life, some of which we remember and some we forget maybe because they didn't matter to us or they mattered so much that we wanted to forget them, either way, whatever happened in the past will always shape the future… Read More
I was thinking about my childhood and, my childhood home. Read More

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This is about lost love Read More
I wrote this instantly. Didn’t think much! Read More
These, I think, are my best poems from two ebooks I have on Amazon titled "Envious of the Clouds" and "Water is Many: 50 Poems". Read More
A poem I wrote and dedicated to my wife, converted and mastered into song. All rights reserved Read More
Written in bed, 10 minutes from tomorrow (11:50 pm) Read More
When you find your home destroyed, your whole family taken, and your galaxy in ruins, what will you do? If you’re River Silverbow, you’ll stand up for what’s right and be prepared to fight to the death to save your friends and family. Read More
Caitlyn Darlington was unlike many in the time of The Reaping, she was an innocent girl, sweet, kind, generous, and naive, a very good girl, a good person, but with a terrible secret, one that put her life on the line every second of her life. The Reaping, also… Read More
Short poem written in a crowded library. Read More
this story revolves around a girl asking for a rose. Read More

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July 09, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Novelette. (...) Alex put a lock of her hair behind her ear taking his sweet time. he couldn’t help himself. There were too many drugs in his bloodstream for him to listen to the rational part of his brain telling him to stop flirting with his niece’s friend. Read More
This collection of poems presents a unique perspective on enduring themes--love, existentialism, the darker side of life in an urban environment, loneliness, quiet heroism and the transcendent power of poetry to rebuild weary souls and teach lessons we may not want to learn. Although several of the poems in this… Read More
My second poem I wrote for my boyfriend of 3 months Read More
An artist friend was feeling down and this 'Shelter In Place' stuff brought out the Keats in me. Read More

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It is an Anime recommendation by me. Read More
A Short Story a out a women being there for her man, Then he decides he doesn't want to be with her anymore after receiving a promotion. Read More
A Short Story about A man cheating on his bride to be. And expect her to accept him flawed and all. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Norm Walker is diagnosed with terminal boredom by a doctor friend, he has no idea of the danger and life-changing experiences waiting for him when he signs up with the mysterious Beyond/Boredom Institute for specialized treatment of the condition. His symptoms first appeared after he prematurely sold his advertising… Read More

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"I've only read the first chapter so far, but this is so well written, and I'm already intrigued. I assure you this will become a very popular st..." Read More

Fear to love you Read More

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Every piece of me... Read More

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Rhythm of my life Read More

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This is a story of highly romantic girls in High School in a remote village called Tutukpene. Their mission is to lure newly posted teachers in the school. Then Millson Lamptey was posted. Will he be the element of change or he will also join the bandwagon.? Read More
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