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What if you knew the future? But what if that future was not yours? Sixteen-year-old Lady Maura is the unwanted “half-blood” of an impoverished noble family in Lafeara. More than anything in the world, Maura just wants to survive, but the number of secrets she carries threaten her life at… Read More
16th century on a river cruise duchess Aline of noble blood is sexually assaulted, preservation of royal dignity requires the ultimate price. Read More
Louisa is from the kingdom of Kovina. Augusta is from the kingdom of Xerenia. When meeting at a ball, they fall in love. Their parents do not know or suspect anything since they have taught them both to love only princes. But what will happen when they are forced to… Read More

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This is the story of KING LOUIS XVII, the uncrowned king of France. He is the child of King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette. The Royal family is kept prisoners when the French Revolution starts. This is the story of the boy's harsh sufferings and ordeals as… Read More
Amestrin is a young courtesan in the kingdom of Eflia. Not that she chose that life. Taken as a young girl, she was forced into the courtesan life in the kingdom's capital. She was preparing to escape until she's bought by the prince to be his personal courtesan. Hadrian Stonewell… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 28, 2018

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One Throne One Family Three Major Contestants Who Will Rule Maceb Read More

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October 13, 2018

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Trophies are rewards for our performance, they're not gifts. When your conceptualisation of the word "trophy" goes beyond mere medals, precious but corruptible stones & metals, when it include life's strata, places & conditions, what trophy would you consciously live daily to get & to keep, the back side of… Read More

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When a lowly butcher, Alowen, is tricked by his twin brother to take his place in the Crowning Duel, he is forced to become the Crown Prince, Blanche's servant as punishment. Seeing it as an opportunity, his brother turns him into a spy for the Rebel Forces. … Read More

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"It got the color of your hair." Those are the first words you spoken the first time I met you. Shady day, and breezy wind. The day my cat, Daisy, died by having her head decapitated ordered by my father, yes, she got my brown, thick locks of hair… Read More
***DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ "DISCOVERING ME" AND "DEFINING US"** "Every person has a legacy. You may not know what your impact is, and it may not be something that you can write on your tombstone, but every person has an impact on this world."… Read More
*DO NOT READ BEFORE "DISCOVERING ME"* "Being in a group is a way to actually to speak up, and define yourself in the comfort, and the complexity of the group." - Celine Sciamma Izzie, Milo, and the rest of the Sella Moora gang are back and ready to navigate… Read More
In a land full of Magic, Saly and her family have lived in peace within their forest village for many years. However, after the shocking death of the queen of the kingdom, Saly's family was requested to become the new royal family in the queens will. Will Saly and… Read More
Everlee and Landon both live lives they aren't happy with. Landon is abused by his father and Everlee suffers with self-image while she is also the royal Princess. Watch how their lives unfold together while on separate ranks and cities. Read More
The youngest Prince of Ceres abandons his status and escape the royal coast after witnessing the tragic death of the queen, his beloved mother. He knew that his family, the king and his 7 older brothers dislike him longer than he could imagine. He's but a Low among the High.… Read More

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June 13, 2017

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When you read this book, you will enter a whole new magical world, you have never been to before. Read More
Once upon a time, there was a king named Cepheus in ancient Ethiopia. (Whew, this is a folk tale-style laughs) Cepheus is a very fine king, the people I was not all happy living. Wife Cassiopeia of Cepheus, which was a very beautiful woman, multiplied by its beauty in the… Read More

Book / Romance

October 07, 2015

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A classical story consisting of diary entries written by a bakery girl and her adventures in becoming a princess. The romance and the darkness that occurs in her relationship with the prince making her turn from a good girl to a bad girl with plans up her sleeve. Love or… Read More
A description about a rebellious member of the Royal Guard and it's consequences. Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 11, 2015

This is a Disney ispired story, in the manner that I try to make the story fit for both adults and children. The story is about the princess Mira, who is becoming blind, and tries to find ways around her blindness to live happily, but her pursuit of happiness result… Read More
When the Red queen is forced to marry the Master of the Guards, Ace, a card soldier risks his life to free the queen from her doomed future. Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 01, 2014

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In a world where war has ravaged the once tranquil peaceful country of Erethiel, a young man sets out on a journey to undo all the tragedies that has befallen his home country and change the future. Read More
Just another etching was written by Steven Howe in July 2014 ready for his new book which is currently in the process of being made to be sold to raise funds for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. Read More
The night that Guardian Xavier Weston fell asleep on the job, was the night that Princess Andria slipped from her bedroom and ran away from her regal life without a trace. Now after years of facing shame and banishment from his home, Xavier has finally found her and struggles to… Read More
Rajasthan is a state in India with a very rich and enchanting history. Through this poem I have tried to celebrate the ethnicity and it's glorious past. Read More

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A princess love story Read More
THE EMPEROR'S RIDDLES By: Satyarth Nayak An Amaryllis Presentation - Copyright Reserved ONLINE EXTRACT Read More

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Adalyn has grown up fighting to make sure her fatherless family survives. When a letter comes asking for someone to come work in the Noble Society which ranks just below the Royal Castle Adalyn is wary to accept. Once she arrives she must face the many untold challenges that come… Read More
This is the land Elerion. A peaceful country, which, after having fought many battles, has reached a golden age. Here magic is present in all beings, but this is forbidden to use. Healing magic is the only magic that is practiced for all other magic has unlimited destructive power. Magicians… Read More
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