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This is a Fanfic for The Hunger Games, written from the POV of the District 11 tribute, Rue. Have you ever wondered what life was like for poor, innocent Rue before she was chosen to compete in the Annual 74th The Hunger Games? Or how she coped in the arena… Read More
Rue's death told from Rue's P.O.V. Hope you like it! I worked really hard on this! btw, I do not own The Hunger Games, I only wish! it's rated PG since it't The Hunger Games and theirs death in it. Read More
My take on Rue & her backstory leading up to her very unfortunate death. :[ Leave a comment, like, a read, that'd be great. I'm always up to read new things, so if you want me to check out one of your stories, just leave me a comment! Anyhow-… Read More
This song is to "Kiss the rain" by yiruma. look on youtube for " Rue's Lullaby" the one to this song will be by K9Karma101. This is the song that Katniss sings to the dying, 12-year-old "Rue" in the Hunger games. It is also the song that they sang to… Read More
i put together some funny made up lines for the hunger games movie! Read More
We all see Rue as the sweet little girl from district eleven who reminded Katniss so much of her own sister, but what was she like before the games? Meet her friends, her enemies, and her family as you begin to understand her more than before. Read More
When a young girl is accused of her mother's death and her father is no where to be found. Her cryptic song asking Aunty who's next frightens Scarlet. Who's Aunty? Who is this girl named Nightmare Yu Real. is she a vampire or just a unfairly accused girl. join Scarlet… Read More
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People murdering each other... people dying of hunger... Read More

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Tribute to my "daughters". Read More

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