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The novel tells the story of Lisa Monroe, whose life is upended when she takes up distance running in her spare time. What begins innocently enough turns out to be more than it seems: her running pastime begins to serve as a metaphor for addiction, something that loved ones in… Read More
Futuristic story: Life is going well for almost-17-year-old Autumn. She started track early spring, and meets many friends. Her 18-year-old track and cross country coach shows an interest in her, and Autumn can't help but notice. However, her older brother begins to dig into their city's past, and discovers deep… Read More
Vialle, runner by nature, best of the game by talent and a lustful drive to be top dog. Alicia, Vialle's protege, yearning to prove she can be top dog as well. Vialle takes her in, shows her the ropes. Alicia slowly cracks Vialle's Iron Mask. This is the enchanting tale… Read More
A Jamaican inspired poem. Do they get coconuts there?! Read More
They free slaves, the run for the night, the thrill. These are the story of the new age. Read More
Smoothies for Runners Smoothies for Runners is the #1 runner smoothie recipe book for strengthening your body after serious runs that deplete your body of the nutrients you need. Its no secret that after a long hard run your body loses vital vitamins and nutrients that it needs to repair… Read More
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