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What takes place in Ukraine today is the beginning of revolution in Russia (even if revolution in Russia will occur after long time), because Russian imperialism holds its domination over its own, Russian, proletariat thanks to colonial oppression Read More
What are the prospects of the revolution in Arab world? What sort of a revolution is this? What is the role of “Islamic factor”? Read More
Soviet-Russian opportunism kept silence about Tan Malakka who was the founder and the first chairman of Indonesian Communist Party Read More
It is no reason for us, proletarians of the rich nations, to lose heart and to sob: “Oh, when will revolution occur?” Read More
Mentioning only the USA as the super-power and hushing up about Russia, about China, Maoists act in favor of imperialist competitors of USA, i.e., in favor of Russian imperialism etc. Read More
Opportunism of official communist parties forces us, Russian Bolsheviks, to create our own party Read More
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