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December 14, 2017

the whisper in your head, "walk away." Read More
Aye she was the beautiful, unpredictable...most gracious backstabbing liar I ever knew. Dear Scarlet, this one's for you. Read More
They sought blood, and they found it...but not mine--their own. Part 2 of Ex: The Story of Chesure Fox Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man named Elliot jumps awake to find himself in a room that he's been in for what feels like his entire life. Soon he meets a man named Nikolas that treats him as a close friend and shows him the under-workings of the new-age city. Read More
A poem about sabotaging an enemy whom you were once close with. Read More
Ethan tries to blacklist Evan, Kimberly and Ellen try to sabotage each other’s careers, Ryan and Scott get ready for their big fight and Evan and Detective Zimmerman cause problems for Ethan and Dylan’s lighthouse Read More
Palmer Little was best friends with Sarah Wagner ever since they did dance together when they were 2. But ever since Palmer wasn't able to bring a birthday present for Sarah at her third birthday, Sarah has thought of her as a "mortal enemy". Now that they're both 17, they're… Read More
It is WWII. An Allied naval force embarks on a mission to sabotage a Nazi supply route but little do they expect that their mission has already been compromised and may lead to a very sticky end. Read More
tests of character Read More

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